ALL of you know the stunt of covering a coin with a handkerchief and then pressing the lighted butt of a cigarette against it. As the metal acts as a conductor of heat no harm befalls the handkerchief. We have used a metal thumbtip to make this elementary physical fact something like a trick, but recently we hit upon what we consider a better idea. All you need is a stiffish piece of cardboard cut to the size of a five shilling piece and also a five shilling piece and a cambric handkerchief.

With the crown fingerpalmed in one hand, offer the disc for inspection. Explain that it has peculiar properties. Take it back with the hand that has the crown. Borrow the handkerchief and cover the cardboard disc with it.

As the handkerchief covers the disc slide the crown forward and on to the cardboard. Then drape the handkerchief round disc and coin. The hand that held the disc is now removed from under the handkerchief and, it takes the handkerchief at a point just below the disc and coin in such a way that the handkerchief is taut across the coin which should be uppermost. Now take a lighted cigarette and press the butt against that part of the handkerchief which lies above the coin. Repeat this and allow a specta* tor to do likewise. Uncover the disc and coin and in the process fingerpalm the coin. Hand the handkerchief back and give a spectator the disc as a souvenir. If you like the idea, it isn't a bad thought to have your name on the discs.

He (Jardine Ellis) said : ' If I wished to write up some of my effects it would be impossible to infuse the air of mystery that I create, or to explain my misdirection, and the reading would appear tame and absurd. You cannot produce a violinist by correspondence, nor can you teach the art of presenting magic as a magician by that means.'

Letter from H. M. Renay to ' Magic Circular' page 72, Vol. 18

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