Impromptu Stranger


THE performer shows a deck of blue cards that he places into a glass. He also hands a red deck to a spectator. Magi then transfers a card from the back to the face of the blue deck, one at a time until spectator calls stop. The card at the point of stoppage is removed and placed face outward in another glass or face up on the table.

The performer requests assistant to take the red deck and count the cards and stop when he reaches the duplicate of the card removed from the blue deck.

On counting the cards he finds only 51 and the duplicate missing. Performer spreads out his blue deck, then says that there was one stranger among them. He turns over the single face up card that spectator stopped at and it is a red backed card.

Inspiration for the above came from an effect of Peter Warlock's " Stranger in Paradise." Our method uses no trick cards so that both decks can be examined at the conclusion of the effect.

All that is required is a glass large enough to hold the cards and yet small enough so that the deck does not go all the way to the bottom.

1. At any opportune moment steal a card from the red deck to the bottom of the blue deck, then cut this card to second from the top of the blue deck.

2. Show the blue deck and place it backs out into the glass. Now pick up the glass and turn it around so that the cards face the audience. Keep the glass in the left hand so that left fingers cover the bottom of the glass. See Fig.l

Deck in glass.

Lpwer index almost visible.

Lepr #aw Covas lomi

UfLTm erf GtMr BUT K©T Too qva OfFig. I

3. The right fingers remove the back card and transfer it to the face of the deck as you say: " While I remove the cards and transfer them in this manner, I want you to stop me at any time you wish." By this time you have transferred the first blue card to the face of the deck.

4. As the right fingers go to take the second card the right thumb pushes the red card down into the glass for about a half inch or more. The result is as in Figure 2 which is a side view of the situation.

5. The right fingers and thumb at the same time remove the second card and transfer it to the face of the deck. Continue transferring the cards by lightly taking the cards at the top end with the right thumb at back and first and second fingers in front of the card as it is removed and transferred. The pushed down card, of course, remains at back all the time. You are indulging more or less in a very easy form of second deal.

6. Continue the action until a halt is called at his request. Here ask if he is sure that he wants to stop now, etc., as you go into the pre-build

Right fingers remove the cards that are below the red backer.

tnm pom ix ax em e>Y LEFT flNG£ftS

up. Very casually say: " Very well, then, this will be the card," as you remove the red backed card from the back and place it in another glass or face up on the table.

7. Have a spectator go through his red deck counting and looking for the duplicate of the card he stopped at. Naturally he will not find it and end up with a count of 51 cards. Conclude the effect as performer's ability will allow.

1st note: Several thoughts occurred to us that perhaps it might be a good idea to have the blue duplicate in the red deck so that spectator actually finds his card but of course he assumes it to be a red backed card. Here perhaps you can point out there are two STRANGERS IN PARADISE. Could be a transposition of some sort. Anyhow, here is food for thinking about.

2nd note: For an unknowledgeable lay audience you can get the same effect using a glide or second deal in the hands by merely holding deck at bottom and pushing card down as in the glass effect. This is to be considered only if the glasses are not available.

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