Hugh Scotts Double



A transposition, with a surprise climax.


The double turnover and a false shuffle.


Shuffle the deck, then apparently turn the top card face up on top of the deck. In fact you make a double turnover, and name the card that lies face up. Let us assume it is the Ace of Clubs.

Turn the top card(s) face down, and deal the top card to your left.

False shuffle the deck retaining the top card. Again appear to turn the top card face up, but double turnover and name the exposed top card. Let us say this is the Two of Clubs.

Turn the top card(s) face down and deal the top card to your right.

You now say : "If I place this Ace of Clubs into the centre of the deck, snap the top of the deck and cause the Ace to return to the top, I think you will agree, that is a pretty good trick."

Carry out the actions as given in the above remarks, as you say "good trick", remove the top card but do not show its face but carry on into the following patter lines.

"But this is even better, here is the Ace." Place the card you are holding face down to your left.

" And here we have the Two." Point to the card on your right.

" Let's see if we can make them change places." Snap your fingers over the two cards, turn them face up and reveal they have indeed transposed.

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