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THIS is another Nap Hand effect that I have found useful for "Club" work. I have found it an acquisition to be able to satisfy the usual "Club" and especially the card playing members of a "Club", that it is the peculiarity of a pack of cards to arrange itself for the benefit of a conjurer when he is playing. The conjurer has nothing to do with it at all, the cards just seem to fall to him no matter how they are cut or shuffled, or who deals them; there they are and he can't help it!

I have made a practice of this type of experiment, and think with many others that no display of dexterity should be intended, for the whole thing is due to "Magic" and the luck of the conjurer, and when the Nap turns up always to the performer he should be just as surprised as anyone in the audience.

This may be used as one complete experiment, cr it may be used as a preface to the sleight-of-hand method already described.

I have not included patter, for it will be somewhat similar to that already suggested for the sleight-of-hand method. I suggest it being in a brisk, racy style.


The effect is that a pack of cards is shuffled and cut; three hands of Nap are dealt by the performer to himself and two assistants, the performer getting the Nap hand. The cards are replaced and the performer asks the audience if they would care to see it again; the cards are once more shuffled, then the audience is asked to say whether three, four or five hands shall be dealt, and the performer again gets a Nap hand! The performer may invite one of the assistants to make the deal for him.


Use a pack prearranged in the following

1 Queen of Hearts

2 Jack of Hearts

3 Ace of Diamonds

4 Kings of Spades

5 King of Clubs

6 King of Diamonds

7 Queen of Clubs

8 Jack of Spades

9 Queen of Diamonds

10 Four of Diamonds

11 Two of Clubs

12 Jack of Diamonds

13 Queen of Spades

14 Two of Hearts

15 Ten of Diamonds

16 Five of Spades

17 Ace of Spades

18 Seven of Hearts

19 Five of Diamonds

20 Ace of Hearts

21 Jack of Clubs

22 Six of Hearts

23 Three of Hearts

24 Two of Spades

25 Ace of Clubs

26 Seven of Diamonds

27 Three of Clubs

28 Nine of Hearts

29 Six of Spades

30 King of Hearts

The cards as arranged are on top of the pack, and a false shuffle is made. Three hands are dealt, and the performer gets the ace, king, queen, jack and ten of diamonds.

This hand is placed on the bottom of the pack after it has been shown, where it will be in readiness for the sleight-of-hand method if desired.

Hand number one is placed on hand number two and these are placed on top of the pack. No matter whether the audience make a request for three, four or five hands to be dealt, after another false shuffle has been made the performer again gets a Nap hand.

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