Harry E Burnside And Charles W Cameron

THE MAGICIAN hands a card case to a spectator and asks him to extract the cards and to thoroughly mix them. When this has been done the magician takes the cards back and spreading them between his hands, invites the spectator to select a card.

Immediately the card has been chosen the pack is dropped on the table and the magician asks the spectator to memorise his card, to replace it in the pack and to again thoroughly mix the cards. Whilst this is being done the magician says " Please concentrate on your card and if your thoughts are strong enough they will actually influence a material object."

"For example," Here the magician takes a small leather folder from his pocket and lays it on the table.

" Now, sir, would you please name your card."

Spectator does so and names, perhaps the King of Hearts. He is asked to open the leather folder. . .inside there is a photograph of the magician and held between his two hands is a reproduction of the chosen card.

This would make a good publicity effect as you can remove the photograph and give it to the spectator as a souvenir. Needless to say, your name and address would be printed on the back. The secret is fairly simple and has been used in various card effects in perhaps, slightly different ways.

You will require the following articles. . A pack of cards, a cigarette case which is feked, in a manner to be described later.

Four photographs of yourself, in each of which you are holding a giant card. In effect, as described above, we use the four Queens. Have your photographs taken and your advertising matter printed, if desired on the back. Now you are all set.

The cigarette case is feked as follows. A glance at the sketches will help to make things clear. On the back of the case fix, by means of a strip of Sellotape a small half-inch strip of strong cardboard, do the same to the bottom and also to the side where the catch of the case is. You will find that this set of clips will hold four cards quite securely. Remove the four Queens from the pack and place them, faces outermost under the three clips.



Put the case in your pocket and place each of the small photographs in a cardboard or leather case. Have these in different pockets in a memorised order. Your four Queens should also be stacked in a known order. Lightly pencil dot the second Queen on the top left hand and bottom right hand corners on the back of the card.

Hand the pack for shuffling and whilst it is being shuffled, take out your cigarette case and lay it on the table. When the spectator has finished offer him a cigarette at the same time taking back the pack in your left hand. Hold the pack in your left hand and then casually lay the case on top of the cards to enable you to take a cigarette. Close the case and as you take it away your left hand fingers press on the hidden cards and draw them on top of the pack.

With proper timing this move is perfectly natural and as the cards are firmly held beneath the case you can handle the case quite casually. Lay your cigarette case aside and cut the cards, complete the cut and hold a break above the four Queens.

Spread the cards between your hands and ask the spectator to take one, timing the spreading so that the Queens arrive beneath the spectator's hand. When he takes one you will know the chosen card immediately, the key dotted Queen keying the position of each card.

Drop the pack on the table, ask him to note his card and to replace it in the pack ^nd then to mix the cards.

Withdraw the correct photograph and finish the effect as described.

For those who do not wish to go tq the trouble of having photographs taken there are several other variations.

Have say, the Queen of Clubs in a miniature card stuck to the back of the visiting card. Place a Queen of Diamonds from a red pack, reversed in the centre of a blue pack in your pocket. Print the Queen of Hearts on the cigarette you are smoking.

Seal a duplicate Queen of Spades in an envelope and place in your pocket.



Reference 22—A TRICK WRONGLY NAMED "SEFALALJIA" — Peter Warlock. "The Magic Circular", Vol. 46, No. 507, p. 32. The middle of a rope if lowered into a hat leaving the ends in view. A ring is put into the hat and secured to the rope by a knot. The rope is removed from the hat and the knot dissolved to reveal the ring threaded upon the rope.

A variation making the effect capable of. impromptu performance was published by Peter Warlock—Maurice Sardina under the title "Thanks to Stewart James" in Peter Warlock's "Pentagram", Vol. 8, No. 2, p. 14 (November, 1953).

Note—Further close-up variations on the original effect can be found in :

ScfaJaljii Junior—Walter Gibson and Bruce Elliott,

"Phoenix", p. 89 and


from page 31.

Sefalaljia III—Charles Nyquist and J. Thompson, Jr.,

"Phoenix", p. 108. MISCELLANEOUS RING AND ROPE EFFECTS. Reference 23—THE RING IN THE KNOT. The Tar-bell Course in Magic, Vol. 3, Lesson 36, p. 86. Suitable as a "follow up" to any effect in which a ring is passed on to a rope. A ring on a rope becomes embedded in a knot which forms apparently by magic. Reference 24—RINGED—Eddie Joseph. "The Linking Ring", Vol. 7, No. 7, p. 540 (September, 1927) and also "The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks"—Stewart James, p. 80.

Upder cover of a handkerchief a ring is secured on a rope by a double knot while both ends of the rope are held by spectators. The first knot is untied and the second can be shown to be a genuine overhand knot.

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