Hans Trixer

THIS, as the title denotes is a prediction; similar effects have been described but I feel certain that many readers will feel that the basic sleight used has certain advantages.

The effect is very simple and straight forward. A card is placed faced downwards upon the table, after which a spectator is requested to name any card he wishes. The card on the table, when turned over, proves to be that named by the spectator.

To present the effect the performer will require to master the basic move which in action has an affinity with the Curry Turnover. As I have never been able to master this move to my own satisfaction a sleight was evolved which, from my own point of view, is superior to the Curry move insofar that it is completely noiseless in execution. The card to be changed lies on the table in front of you, the longer side parallel to yourself and the audience. It is to be changed for the card on the bottom of the pack which is held in the right hand with a similar grip and positioning that would be required were the performer intending to make the standard form of glide. This hand, the right hand is now lowered to the table about two inches in front of the face down card (i.e. near to the audience). The hand now starts to move back towards the performer's body and apparently turns over the card lying on the table. Actually, however, the fingers of the right hand gripping the pack execute the first movement of the Kelly Bottom replacement (see Tarbell Course) holding the pack however in the position already described. As the hand comes towards the performer, the bottom card, which is now hinged away from the pack leaving an opening of about half an inch, is slid underneath the card lying face down on the table. The packjis now slowly turned face uppermost and the bottom card will appear to be that which was previously lying face down on the table. To com plete the move the right hand fingers push the bottom card in the direction of the right thumb, them releasing it so that it falls on the table as the hand holding the pack moves away.

In the beginning the reader will find the move a little difficult. Practice, however, will prove its advantages, chief of which is the complete lack of a get-ready move.

With the basic move described I will now describe the handling of the whole effect.

First of all, one card is removed from the pack and placed face down upon the table. It is important to remember its suit and value as there is a fifty two to one chance that the spectator may name that card and without any more ado a miracle has been accomplished.

With the card face down, the spectator is asked to name any particular card that comes to his mind. When he has stated the name, fan the pack towards yourself stating that in most cases another card is named. Whilst looking through the cards note the position of the card named by the spectator, and also remember the name of the card immediately in front of it. Cut the pack leaving the chosen card at the bottom. With the pack held in the right hand ready for the turnover move, remove the top card with the left hand (this holding of a card in the left hand gives a logical reason in a moment or so for the right hand which is holding the cards, to turn over the card lying face down upon the table).

Turn up the card held by the left hand, stressing the fact that many a time this is the card chosen by the spectator. However, as you are a magician you knew that this would be the odd occasion and therefore you placed the of

face down upon the table. As this is said, the turnover is made, revealing the named card.

"The amnteur must take care that his performance does not degenerate into a mere exhibition of manual dexterity, or of an ingeniously contrived piece of apparatus." David Devant " Magic Made Easy"

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