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THE passing of the salt from hand to hand invisibly is a very nice piece of visual magic. The trick, as a trick using salt (for the passing of loose tobacco must go into the same category) originated so far as I know, with the very versatile and inventive magician, Fred Cullpitt. It is in his excellent little book, " Laughter and Legerdemain " that the first reference will be found to this trick under the title of " The Flying Salt." The method makes use of the conventional thumbtip. Actually, Cullpitt seems more pleased by finding an additional use for the thumbtip than for the effect of the trick. Since that time the number of variations devised must be countless, only my friend Jack Potter knowing exactly how many.

The effect to be described and one which I am using has as a means for transfer something going back further than Cullpitt's idea. It was in 1921, that Oswald Williams after seeing an cffect of mine which he asked permission to use, in exchange passed on a method for transferring invisibly, some sand poured into one hand, into the other. It was a clever idea and later he published the method in the " Magic Wand."

The conjurer showing both his hands to be empty, removes his handkerchief from his breast pocket with the right hand. He drapes it over his left fist and pokes it down into the fist forming a small pocket.

The right hand takes from the table a salt shaker and the contents are allowed to flow into the pocket in the handkerchief. When the shaker is empty it is replaced on the table. Now without any suspicious moves the handkerchief is slowly removed from the left hand, all trace of the salt having vanished. The handkerchief is quite clearly empty and so too are both hands. Reaching into the air with his right hand, the fingers close and from the fist cascades the vanished salt.


One eighteen inch white silk handkerchief.

A small salt shaker that pours easily.

A gimmick made as follows: —

First of all go along to your local handyman's stores and see if they keep the " Welpac " series of screws, tacks, etc. They are supplied in small transparent plastic containers, and the size you require is that which has on the label " f" F. B. Drugget Pins." When you've got this, take off the cap and empty out the contents. Across the bottom of the container, which is a bright red, paint either with flesh coloured paint or cover with flesh covered adhesive tape. Now at the top of the container on opposite sides make two small holes. You'll now require some florist's wire. Cut off a length measuring about three and a half inches and taking one end through each of the holes, make a loop that will allow your thumb to pass easily through. When the loop is the correct size twist the free ends around the wire so that the loop is secure to the container. The essential thing is that the thumb can pass easily in and out of the loop. The accompanying illustration shows how the fake appears: —

The gimmick is now filled almost to the top with salt, and this amount is then poured into the

VOLUME 13 No. 8

MAY, 1959

salt shaker. In this way all the salt now in the shaker can be vanished.

Take the silk handkerchief, fold it in four and place it in the outside breast pocket so that only a corner shows. The gimmick is then slipped in behind it, the top of the loop coinciding with the protruding corner of the handkerchief. With the salt shaker on the table, which should be to the right of the performer, the performer is set for the


Sho.v both hands to be empty. The right hand reaches across the body to take the handkerchief from the breast pocket. The fingers come in front and the thumb taking the handkerchief at the rear engages in the loop of the fake. The fake should not do more than hang from the first joint of the thumb. The hand moves upwards taking both handkerchief and fake. The right hand is held at right angles to the ground and the left hand takes the handkerchief and displays it The fact that the right hand is at right angles to the ground completely conceals the fake which hangs now from the right thumb. The.handkerchief is now draped over the left fist, and the right hand first finger pokes it down into the left fist. At this point, the conjurer should be standing half right to the audience. As he now goes to pick up the salt shaker, which remember is on the table on his right, he moves left side on to the audience and in the fraction of a second before his right hand moves away from the handkerchief to take the shaker, the left hand fingers take through the handkerchief the gimmick off the thumb of the right hand. The right hand now takes the shaker and the performer faces his audience but the position of the left hand is held so that the gimmick is in the folds of the handkerchief nearest to the performer.

The salt is now apparently poured into the handkerchief, but really into the fake. As the pouring is done the performer takes the shaker up and down, thus adding to the effect. When the shaker is empty, it is replaced upon the table.

The right hand now flicks an imaginary grain of salt off the top of the handkerchief. This is repeated. Actually what happens is this. With the first flick, the performer does nothing more than that. With the second flick, however, the thumb of the first finger enters the wire loop and giving a half turn apparently flicks a grain of salt to the left side of the audience. Then turning slightly more his right hand comes at right angles to the ground and the left hand releases its hold on the fake and the right hand moves away the gimmick hanging from the right hand thumb, the fingers of the right hand being slightly apart. The fake is well covered. The performer blows at the handkerchief and then taking one corner with his right hand fingers, slowly withdraws it from the left hand, letting it be seen that the salt has vanished. Both hands display the handkerchief and then the handkerchief is passed to the right hand, where it is held by one corner. With easy positioning the right hand turns allowing the palm and fingers to be seen whilst the fake containing the salt hangs behind the corner of the handkerchief like this: —

The right hand returns to its previous position and the handkerchief is taken back by the left hand. Now reaching into the air, the right hand fingers in the action of closing into a fist, grasp the fake and at the same time see that the wire loop is disengaged from the thumb. The right hand turns, allowing the salt to pour on to either the floor or a plate. At the conclusion of the pour the gimmick is thumb palmed in the right hand and in the action of apparently dusting the salt from both hands with the handkerchief the gimmick is covered and taken away. Handkerchief and gimmick are replaced in the breast pocket.


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