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THIS is an effect that will be liked by those who are looking for novelty in silk magic.

The magician takes a yellow silk and tying two ends together to form a loop places it over his left arm. Another handkerchief, a purple one, is removed from the breast pocket and the opposite ends of this are also tied to form a loop. The loop of yellow silk is now taken by the right hand whilst the purple is held by the left. Both loops are definitely separate. A slight tossing motion is made by the right hand and the yellow silk leaves it and is visibly linked into the purple loop.

The requirements are few; they are, two purple eighteen inch silk handkerchiefs, and one yellow of similar size. You'll also want some nylon thread, a safety pin and some lead shot.

Preparation. First of all take one of the purple silks in the left hand by one corner, allowing the remainder to hang down. Now, four inches from the corner you are holding, cut through the silk with a pair of scissors so that in your left hand you are left with a triangle of purple silk, the apex end held in your left fingers. Take a needle and some purple cotton and after gathering the lower part of the silk sew it so that you have a piece of silk like illustration 1.

This will act as a fake corner to the other silk.

The other purple silk is now taken and to the extreme tip of one corner the nylon is attached-

The best way is to thread a needle with the thread and run it through the silk at the corner. Once the needle and thread are through, remove the needle and knot the thread, afterwards cutting away any surplus thread. The length of thread that you will require attached to the corner of the silk can only be found by experimentation for the simple reason that it will depend upon your physical build. Start off with thirty inches and make any adjustment necessary. The free end of the thread is fastened to the safety-pin.

The yellow silk now comes in for some treatment. With some similar coloured silk make up two little bags then filling them with lead shot so that in all you have about an ounce in weight. Each of these little bags is now stitched near to two diagonally opposite corners of the yellow silk, like illustration 2.

Whi st the yellow silk is placed on the table prior to your performance, the purple silk is pushed into the outer breast pocket, the corner with the thread attached to it protruding. The other end of the thread is now fastened inside the front edge of the right hand coat pocket so that the thread passes upwards to the silk in the breast pocket. Now take the extra corner of silk and place it in front of the threaded corner of the purple silk in the pocket. It must be so positioned that both corner and silk can easily be withdrawn from the pocket as one and that there should be no suggestion of fumbling- The take must be completely clean and to the audience appear that just a silk handkerchief has been removed from the pocket.

Presentation. The yellow silk is taken from the table the diagonally opposite weighted ends being taken one in each hand. The handkerchief

VOLUME 13 No. 10

(20 Cents)

JULY 1959

is given a twirl or two so that it becomes ropewise, in fact the more like a rope the slicker the effect when in action. The two weighted ends are now tied together and the silken loop with the knots nearest to the floor slid onto the left arm. (Those who are already ahead of me will realise by now that this is a version of the Bohleno rings on silk.. and they're right). Now the right hand moves to the breast pocket and takes separate corner and purple silk as one. Letting it hang vertically for a moment of two, the left hand now comes in and the opposite ends of the silk are seemingly tied together; actually one end is tied to the separate piece of silk. The left hand moves away and the silken loop is displayed by the right hand which holds it in such a manner that it does appear to be a genuine loop of silk. The right hand now places the purple silk into the left hand so that it takes up the position shown in the two succeeding illustrations :—

thumb hooks the thread at point X. The following illustration shows the position of the thread and the way it passes over both thumbs.

You're nearly ready for the kill, re-position the threaded corner so that instead of being between the first and second left fingers it is held between the tips of the first finger and thumb of the left hand. Make a preparatory action of throwing with the right hand, then wham! Do all these things at once :—

1. Release your hold on the yellow silk with the right hand.

2. Move the right hand to the right making certain that the thumb keeps its engagement with the thread.

The right hand now takes hold of the topmost part of the yellow loop and passes it off the arm and over the purple loop so that it is now held in the position shown here.

Now in showing either by means of words or in mime what he intends doing, the right hand raises the silk, and of course the thread, and allows the left hand thumb to hook it so that it passes over the base of the thumb and inside the crotch of the thumb- Almost at the same time the right

3. Release the threaded end of the purple silk which is held at that moment by the left hand first finger and thumb.

The result will be that the threaded end of the silk will pass through the yellow loop, coming to rest in the crotch of the left hand thumb, whilst the weight in the yellow silk will allow it to fall inside the purple loop so that a complete link is made.

Please don't think that you will do this to perfection the first time. Once however you have acquired the knack and synchronisation of the throw, everything will come easily. Try not to tense up when making the throw. This will make you jerky in movement and might result in breakage of the thread, and in this effect no thread . ... no trick.

Before we forget. . . once the loops are linked, the right hand takes the purple ends from the left hand holding them high. He then proceeds to untie the ends of the purple silk allowing the yellow loop to fall onto the table.

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