George Armstrong 62 Wellington Road Enfield Middlesex


President: Francis White, Esq. Vice-Pres.: Claude Chandler, Esq. Clubroom, Library and Museum: Hearts of Oak Buildings, Euston Road, London, N.W.I.

Next CONCERT will be held on December 10th

Particulars from Hon. Secretary:

PETER NEWCOMBE. 38, Overdale Ave., New Maiden,



is pub'ished on the 24th of each month and can be obtained direct from the publisher for 1/8 per single copy. Annual Sub. 18/- post free.

Published by George Armstrong, 62, Wellington Rd., Enfield Middx. Manuscripts for publication & books for review should be sent to the Editorial Address—

Peter Warlock, 24, Wordsworth Rd., Wallington _Surrey._


MANUSCRIPTS—If you can help me complete my manuscript files I shall b^ most grateful. I still want many items by C. T. Jordan. U. F. Grant, Grant Menge, Ovette, etc., etc. Only originals please, and not typed copies. I will allow generous credits in exchange, or buy for cash.


62, Wellington Rd., Enfield, Middx.

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