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\ GAME OF NAP is described in Sleight of Hand, by Edwin Sachs. In this the performer forces five cards onto a spectator, who takes the pack and asks the performer to pick out five; or he may pick out five for the performer. The cards are played and the performer gets Nap or four.

When once the spectator's cards are known to the performer he can nearly always get a "Nap".

This routine can be performed with a borrowed pack which has been shuffled by a spectator before the performer handles it.


Glimpsing the cards is all that counts and it is taken for granted that the reader can memorise five cards quickly, can force a pack and can pass it into the middle of the pack.

After the pack has been shuffled, and whilst talking about gambling, hold the pack in the left hand across the fingers and in the fork of the thumb. The left thumb presses on the edge of the top card while the pack is held firmly with the fingers of the left hand; this pressure outwards causes the top card to bulge at the outer edge and the index may be seen at the top right hand corner. (Figure 26.)

this way. Try this first.


When taking the cards from the spectator after he has shuffled them glimpse the bottom card; then the two on top as just described. You then have knowledge of three cards.

Just before you offer the cards for selection (force), make a break with the right thumb and glimpse the card above the break. (Fig. 27). You now have knowledge of four cards. Force this card first.

Make the pass and force the three cards first noted. Then again glimpse the bottom card, bring it to the middle of the pack and force it. You now know all five of the spectator's cards.

Then hand the pack to the spectator and allow him to fan it while you select five cards; or have him remove five cards for you.


You have two hearts and two spades. He has only one spade, but it is high, so could beat one of yours so you must make hearts trumps. It will be necessary to sum up the position quickly as you glance at your own cards, remembering those held bv the spectator.

Say:—"Hearts are trumps.

I'll play 10H, you play 9H.

In nearly every case you will pull it off, sometimes even getting all five tricks as shown in the above example. Try it out now, with any cards taken at random from the pack.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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