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Effect.—After showing his hands empty, the magician places an unprepared silk handkerchief over and around an ordinary sheet of glass (a glass plate about 6" x 9" in size) ; then he shows two (ordinary) drinking glasses to be absolutely empty, and places them on top of the glass plafe with the silk, mouth down. The performer now turns the plate, with the glasses still on it, upside down and the audience is astonished to see the glasses remain attached to the silk as by supernatural force !

Now for the new way to present the miracle :—

A moment later the performer removes the silk " in a jiff," with the glasses still on the glass plate and the glasses still remain firmly to the plate, while the magician steps down to the audience, letting everyone see the miracle in near view. Yes, he moves the plate with the glasses close before the eyes of the spectators . . . apparently there is nothing that holds the glasses but " the supernatural force."

The performer then removes the glasses one by one, and immediately gives everything out for examination, at the same time showing his hands empty with fingers wide apart.

Requirements.—A double hook made of celluloid, in shape and construction as shown in Fig. 1 (approximate size : length 23mm., the three hooks 9mm. in height). The width is 9mm., the shorter piece with the hooked double end to the right (Fig. 1) makes a clip that fits the gimmick on top edge of one glass). Also two thin drihking glasses, a glass plate and a silk handkerchief in size to fit the plate but with seams on only three sides.

Preparation.—Fasten the gimmick on top edge of one of the glasses, gimmick ocrtside, of course. Place the other glass inside the first one and have both glasses on your table so that gimmick is out of view (see Fig. 2). The gimmick can't be seen when attached to glass, however, thanks to the reflections in the glasses, even if looked at quite near. On the table near glasses have the plate and the silk (Fig. 2).

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continued on page 50

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Presentation.—1. Show your hands completely empty with fingers apart.

2. Take the glasses in your left hand, move them to the right and take them apart; left hand holds the unprepared glass while right hand takes hold of the gimmicked one by pressing thumb on top edge and directly above gimmick, and with first and second fingers at the bottom. Left hand holds its glass in a similar fashion. Turn hands as shown in Fig. 3 and let audience look into empty (!) glasses. During this the gimmick is covered by right hand thumb in an easy non-manipulative manner (Fig. 3).

3. Now let the gimmicked glass fit into the other and place both back oh table with gimmick out of view. Immediately pick up the glass plate, show it to be unprepared and solid, and at same time, but without saying anything about it, show your hands empty, while you transfer the plate from one hand to another.

4. Turn to the table, place the plate on the glasses for a moment in full view, and pick up the silk. Show it very thoroughly, both sides, and let it slide between first and second fingers of one hand, or even through the hands of a spectator if you wish, thus showing that the silk has nothing concealed in it or is otherwise prepared. Once more show the silk from both sides with thumbs and first fingers at two corners, thus even showing your hands otherwise still empty. Hold silk in corners while you move back to the table.

5. Without turning around, transfer silk to left hand and grip it at the side without a seam. Right hand picks up the glass plate in a clear and open manner, and with left hand drape the silk over the plate with the seamless part longwise at the rim, where you are holding the plate. Gripping plate in the middle with right thumb (that also takes hold of the seamless part of handkerchief in draping same), on the upper side and fingers at rear, now put the free-hanging frontpart of silk beneath the plate where the first, second and third fingers take it and thus even stretch the whole silk a little around the plate.

6. Show your left hand empty with fingers apart, reach out, pick up the gimmicked glass, grip it between thumb and first finger at the bottom part (turn it a little so that the gimmick does not show out side wise, otherwise you can handle the glass freely, thanks to the movement) and place it, not too slowly, mouth down on the plate. Don't put thumb into the gimmick yet, buf be a little careful in handling the plate at this moment. Once more show your left hand empty, at same time reach out and pick glass number two from table, placing it mouth down on plate and inside the free hook of gimmick. Arrange glasses with left hand and at the same time place your right thumb between the two classes and press down slightly, thus shaking the plate a little. Let it be heard as if the glasses are (what they seem to be) quite loose and freely standing on the plate (see Fig. 4).

7. In ending the shaking make a few "magic passes" over the glasses with left hand. Then turn the whole thing upside down, at same time pressing your right thumb harder down between the glasses. Move right arm in a half circle before you and then (after a few seconds) turn the plate right again, at same time lifting thumb and letting the glasses rattle against the plate.

8. With glasses still loose (?) let part of silk beneath plate fall down free, with left hand reaching under, the hanging part and snap the silk away quickly. Let the glasses rattle, while you turn to the table in placing silk on same.

9. Now step a little forward, and when about two or three yards between you and the first spectator, stop walking and move the plate upwards in front of you, not too slowly. Be sure that you have got your thumb into the right position between the glasses, then turn the plate upside down. With the front rim of plate in a lower position than the back rim, start moving plate and glasses, at same time walk a little in front of audience. Then you can change the position of the glass plate so that the back rim becomes the lower one in front of you, and move the plate over the heads of the spectators in the front line. That is, you may not hold the plate so that the front rim (and your right thumb between the glasses) are directly in front of spectators' eyes, but if you have the plate in a diagonal position, you can handle it without fear (Fig. 5).

10. With plate still upside down, step a little backwards, turn plate and let the glasses rattle a moment or two, then remove the gimmicked glass and repeat the trick with the remainder.

11. Without turning around step back to the table, hold plate and glass still upside down, in front •of you for a moment, then turn plate and remove glass. (You may also turn plate a little faster and a.t the same time toss the remaining glass in the air and catch it in your left hand. This is, however, a little more difficult but also a better ending of the trick).

12. Instantly after you have removed the glass, reach out and pick up the other glass with your left hand (that holds the last you used). In the same movement you change the position of your first finger of the right hand, which holds the plate, from beneath same to a place directly above your thumb on the upper side, and in picking up the silk with the right hand push gimmick from thumb with first finger, thus getting rid of same as it falls on the table. These two moves should be done in a snappy manner as if you only picked up the things on the table (without turning your back) the glasses in your left hand and the plate and the silk in your right.

13. Immediately step down with the requirements in your hands, and in letting the audience examine the things, show your hands empty.

All rights reserved by Olle Oson Liberg, Stockholm C, Sweden, including the rights to manufacture the described apparatus, except for private use.

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Effect.—Taking two cigarettes, you place them on your wallet, then turning the wallet upside dowrn, strange to say the cigarettes stay put. Cigarettes roll on to your hand and then give them away, but the lucky ones will only get out of them a ' free ' smoke ! !

Requirements.—A wallet; an Eclipse Magnet; a small metal or cardboard container to take two cigarettes. You will now have to make up two cigarettes with a piece of nail inside each one. Fix

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