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There must be many many magicians who have had the pleasure of seeing Bertram Millidge's handling of the Jardine Ellis Ring. Starting with a modest routine way back in the thirties he has gradually added and built up a sequence that is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. In the Autumn of this year Holdens of New York will be publishing the complete routine as used by Bertram to-day. The prototype of the effect appeared way back in a copy of the " Magic Wand " dated October 1938. Because we feel certain that many have no access to that copy, plus the fact that a number must have simply scanned it and passed it over, we are in view of the present reviving interest in this classic re-publishing it. It goes like this.

The other day I found what I consider to be a novel way of using the Jardine Ellis ring. Instead of a stick use a ribbon about three quarters of an inch wide and one yard long : my ring is two inches in diameter.

Place the ring and shell together on the middle fingers of the left hand and thread the ribbon through to either side of the hand. The fingers of the hand are towards the audience the ribbon hanging down halfway. Pull the ribbon backwards and forwards several times through the ring then lever the shell with the thumb; the tip of the thumb pushes on the edge of the shell and so raises it to a nearly vertical position towards the fingertips.

At the same time turn the palm towards you and take the shell off the ribbon with the right hand. Call attention to the fact that the ring is off the ribbon, then place the shell over the ring, which move will, of course, also cover the ribbon in the left hand.

Hold the ring and shell as one, lightly supported by the fingers, then continue drawing the ribbon backwards and forwards. The impression thus created is that the ribbon is under the ring while really it is running between the shell and the ring. Turn the palm over and have the ends of the ribbon held by assistants. Run the left hand back and forth across the ribbon, palm off the shell and leave the ring threaded. Leave the ring and ribbon in the hands of the assistants for examination.

It will be fairly obvious that the effect can be repeated by reversing the movements and apparently taking the ring off the ribbon. If the shell and ring are raised vertically on the palm the ribbon still between it greatly adds to the impression that the ring and ribbon are separate.

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