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In this issue, my friend Douglas Francis describes an excellent version of " Do as I Do." In it the false lift is involved, and because this sleight so often becomes a major operation with many conjurers, I am describing my own false lift which gives a natural double, treble or quadruple lift with the minimum of effort and preparation. From the audience's point of view, a card is taken from a dealing position. The illustrations will assist the reader in making everything quite clear, providing that he has a deck of cards in his hands. First of all the left hand holds the cards, as in A. The deck should be pressed well into the ball of the thumb and the little finger applies enough pressure to nearly, but not quite, buckle the cards. With good quality cards the positioning is instantaneous. The right hand approaches and as seen in B. the right thumb meets the top of the deck nearly two-thirds of the way down, the tip of right first finger pressing against, but not downwards on the corner of the top card. This position is difficult to describe, but the corner of the top card should be

in such a position to be lifted by the tip of the first finger. Actually the first finger tip starts to lift the corner, and when only about one eighth of an inch from the deck, pressure is applied to the next card and both corners are lifted. At the same moment, the right hand thumb slides up the card to meet the first finger. The two cards are now pulled forward to the position shown in C, and turned over to be held by the thumb and first finger of the left hand as shown in D. The cards are now taken by the right hand and turned face down on the deck. The top card is not taken off by right hand in the more usual way (because to my own way of thinking there is no rational reason for turning a card over on top of a deck with the right hand, leaving it there and then removing it with the same hand), but is pushed off face down on to the table with the right thumb.

For triplicate or quadruple, lift the operator in the process of lifting the first and second cards will have no more difficulty in feeling for the corners of the suceeding cards.

Perhaps I am asking for trouble by inflicting yet another effect of this type upon the magical fraternity. Undoubtedly they seem almost as plentiful as versions of the Four Ace Trick these days. However, in view of the fact that I consider this to be a little different from the usual run of such effects, in addition to being direct and clean-cut in action I trust that you, dear reader, will forgive me.

In the first place, unlike the usual coincidence effect, only one pack is used. The effect upon the onlookers is as follows :—

The operator shuffles the pack, cuts it in half, retains one half and hands the other half to the spectator who has volunteered to assist. Each now thoroughly shuffles his respective half, after which they are ribbon-spread face down across the table. The operator now reaches over and removes a card at random from the spectator's spread and places it on top. The spectator is now requested

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