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The methods employed to achieve the effect which follows are old and bold, but none the less effective. The various angles of routine and presentation have been taken care of, and the result is a neat, straightforward platform item, with maximum visibility.

Twelve large cards and twelve large envelopes are handed into the audience. The cards are either Jumbo playing cards, or design cards.

Members of the audience are asked to seal the cards in the envelopes, and to make sure that the latter bear no distinguishing marks. Thé envelopes are to be well mixed.

One spectator next thinks of a number from one to twelve, counts down to the envelope at that number in the pile; and places it on the top. The performer takes the pile of envelopes back, but is careful not to disturb the order.

At this stage he displays one. side of a slate, stating that he has made a prediction on the other side. A spectator's initials are written on the blank side, and the same initials are written on the envelope, which is handed to a member of the audience, while the slate remains in full view.

After a brief recapitulation, and checking of the initials, the envelope is opened, and the card displayed. When the slate is turned round the prediction is found to be correct.

The explanation is as simple as the routine : The performer has a duplicate of one of the cards already sealed in an envelope. This particular design, or card value, is entered on one side of the slate, and covered with the envelope, address side down. Now the whole set-up is reversed, and placed on a table over a piece of chalk, which presses the envelope against the slate surface, and makes it easy to pick up slate and envelope together.

After the cards have been mixed and sealed in the envelopes, the stack is taken back with the chosen one on top. One side of the slate is shown, and then the slate is laid on the stack of envelopes so that the right hand may pick up the chalk and write the initials. The slate is immediately placed aside, and the initials duplicated in pencil on the envelope (i.e., the duplicate one which has beep left behind). All is now set for the finale.

^Should the envelope be the wrong way up on the stack when this is handed back, it is a simple matter to show it and reverse it to match the one under the slate.

Some performers may prefer to have the slate and envelope projecting over the back of the table for easy handling.

A purist might abject that the prediction is introduced rather late in the effect, but the patter angle allows for that, running somewhat as follows :—" Had I told you, sir (to the chooser) that I had made a prediction as, to what card you would choose, you might have been influenced, subconsciously perhaps, in that choice ; I therefore, etc., etc."

Such patter angles and their possibilities are of untold value to the mentalist.

There is, of course, no limit to the number of cards used.

Should the conjurer wish to use this item he could have a flap (backed with an envelope) covering the duplicate envelope and prediction. He could then show both sides of the slate and cause the magical appearance of the message, leaving the flap and duplicate envelope on top of the stack. The envelope glued to the back of the flap would be perfect cover for its disposal. Ih this case a set of envelopes is made to match the size of the slate used.

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