Four Whites


A FEW YEARS back Dr. Jaks released to the magical fraternity an excellent close-up effect called " Four Blacks." At a later date Alex. Elmsley, through the medium of Harry Stanley, brought out a variation called " What card?" It was the study of these two effects that brought into being " Four Whites."


The magician has a card selected by the simple process of having a spectator cut the pack. The card on top of the cut is not looked at, but its position is marked by reversing the cut off portion on top of it. Four cards, white on both sides are shown and are counted on to the table. Two of the four are selected and placed aside for the time being. Now the card selected is looked at and it is taken and placed face down between the remaining two white cards. On pronouncing the mystic words " Hocus Pocus," the selected card is shown to be blank, whilst the missing pips are discovered on the undermost white cards!


2. A duplicate of any card in the pack. We'll say it's the seven of diamonds.

3. A double backer to match the pack.

4. A blank card with matching back.

Initial Preparation.

First you must prepare a card of normal thickness which is blank on one side and the seven of diamonds on the other. This is best made by splitting the two necessary cards either in a dry or wet state, the dry splitting will give you the better surface (actually all the cards mentioned by Brian can be obtained to match Aviator cards.— Ed.). The regular seven of diamonds is now treated with roughing fluid on its back whilst the blank-face card is roughened on the face.


The main part of the pack is placed face down on the table. The blank-face card is then placed face up on top and on top of it goes face up the roughened seven of diamonds. This brings the two roughened surfaces together. Three all white cards plus the blank one side and seven of diamonds the other are set up in the order prescribed by Dr. Jaks.


The pack is taken and fanned face up, care being taken not to disclose the reversed cards. It is then turned face down, and a spectator is invited to cut the pack anywhere he wishes. This done, the face down cut at which he has cut is indicated by the performer, and to mark its position the cut-off portion is turned face up and placed on top (The Henry Christ force). The four white cards are then shown to be blank on all sides as in Dr. Jak's method. Two are selected from the four. If the selected pair includes the fake card, they are stacked together, fake card on top. then reversed and placed in a prominent position. The remaining two all whites are placed together in fan formation near the pack. If the choice falls on the other a change of patter covers the equivoque so that the same result is obtained.

At this point the conjurer says that the selected card will be noted for the first time. He takes the pack and fans through it until he reaches the first face down card. Thanks to the double backer this will be the two roughened cards. The two cards are turned over as one to show what appears to be the seven of diamonds. It is turned face down again and this time only the top card, the blank faced card is slid off and then placed between the two white cards. The routine is then brought to a successful conclusion as detailed in the " effect.' '

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