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the hands so that the upper surface of the handkerchief can be seen but, as the movement continues. raise the right hand to conceal the move that follows: When the rear edge of the handkerchief has almost cleared the hidden ring close the left thumb against the fingers thereby trapping about half an inch of cloth between the ring and the shell. Press the ring and shell firmly together to ensure a secure grip on the cloth. Raise the right hand to the limit to show one side of the handkerchief then release the right hand and let the handkerchief drape down over the back of the left hand' as in Fig. 23, which shows the relative positions of ring, shell and rear edge of the handkerchief.

Now with the right forefinger and thumb pinch the cloth on the spectators' side a little below where the handkerchief drapes over the left fingertips. Raise the right hand and the ring and shell will remain hidden and suspended as in Fig. 24. The above moves while appearing to be complex take, in actual fact, no more than a few seconds to perform.

Hold the handkerchief between the tips of the thumb and forefinger so that the hand can be seen to be empty then transfer it to an identical position in the left hand. Thus both hands are tactfully shown to be empty. Take back the rod in the right hand.

The handkerchief is now draped over the rod —the details being as follows: Bring the end of the rod down behind the handkerchief so that in moving the handkerchief along to the middle of the rod the rod passes through the hidden ring and «hell (to facilitate this move twist the handkerchief so as to bring the ring and shell face on to the rod). With the handkerchief draped over its middle replace the rod on the stand and have the examined ring thrown back to you.

Stand behind the table on which the stand rests, display the ring, then glace both hands under the handkerchief and grip the loose ring in the right thumb palm. Gently pull the trapped portion of handkerchief from between the threaded ring and shell then push the handkerchief together with the shell to the right then, with the left hand spin the threaded ring as in Fig. 25. Now dispose of the palmed ring.

Disposal of the duplicate ring

Probably the best all-round method here, is to use the right side pocket.

Circumstances, however, may provide good alternatives, e.g. behind some object already on the table or to a " Topit " vanisher.

Continue by taking the rod in both hands and remove it from the stand. Hold it as in Fig. 26, and slide the ring to and fro between the hands several times by suitably tilting the rod then apparently take the ring off at your right hand end. Actually you switch the ring and shell thus : As the ring approaches the right hand use this hand to raise the handkerchief slightly and, at the

same time, follow up with the left hand so that the handkerchief is gripped by the left hand as the ring slides under it. Press the handkerchief down on the ring and irftmediately move the right hand with the shell along and off the rod. The switch takes but a second or two. Replace the rod on its stand.

As the left hand grips the handkerchief over the solid ring, the right thumb slides shell along rod.

Rear View

Take the shell and, whilst facing left, spin it in the air and catch again. Now face front and place both hands under the handkerchief. Grip the shell in the right thumb palm and take one of the rear corners of the cloth between the right fore finger and thumb. Rest the left hand on the rod to steady it, then pull the handkerchief backwards to reveal the ring spinning on the rod as in Fig. 27. Immediately swing the handkerchief up on to the left shoulder and, in moving the right hand downwards, dispose of the shell in the breast pocket. Carry the stand complete with rod and ring forward and place into a spectator's hands while you take the handkerchief fold it and return it to the lender.

NOTES—This is one effect in which examination of the apparatus is not only desirable but essential. There is no loss if interest, however, due to the handling of the borrowed handkerchief.

The tempo of the second phase of the routine should be much faster than that of the first phase,

net. rj which is intentionally deliberate—aim to give the impression that the penetration could be done as often as desired and that the repeat is merely a casual encore.

If desired the left hand can be used in place of the right for the disposal of the duplicate ring and also of the shell—use whichever hand gives the easier handling.

To be continued

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