Fflocii Stacu Stac

The performer explains, in twisted terms, that the pack is a complete one, but, unlike other packs, it is divided into four suits and made up of 53 cards, just like other packs, except that there is no real difference, etc., etc. (By this time the hook is well baited for the " average " wise-aleck who never fails to introduce himself at the right moment).

The spectators are invited to name any one of the 53 cards, and sure enough, up goes the expected bunch-of-bananas, because our pal wants the Joker.

The performer is ready, and asks, " What suit, Sir?" (you call him sir, to respect his mother).

Somewhat surprised, but undaunted, the imbecile calls for Hearts and looks a bit silly when the performer cheerfully spells it out in the conventional manner, and everyone is happy.

At this corner trim the four tens. These control the spelling of the four jokers, of the same suit as the relative ten.

At this corner trim. 10h to spell Clubs Kh ,, ,, Hearts Ks ,, ,, Spades 9c ,, ,, Diamonds

Next, a Lady or Gentleman, is asked to name either of the four suits, whereupon the performer proceeds to spell out, in proper sequence, the 13 cards of the suit concerned, from ace to king, values only.

Once again, another peace-loving onlooker is asked to name a suit, and this time, performer, with one eye on his friend, puzzles him further, by spelling-out some cards by values only, while others are spelled-out values and suits, in progressive number order, but not in proper number sequence, for example :

Suposing " clubs " is the suit called for. The performer may do either of two things :

Firstly, he may spell A-C-E, then T-W-O,* then T-H-R-E-E,* and so on to the king.

Secondly, he may spell A-C-E-C-L-U-B-S, then T-H-R-E-E-C-L-U-B-S, then F-O-U-R, then F-I-V-E, then S-I-X, then E-I-G-H-T— C-L-U-B-S, then N-I-N-E, then T-E-N, then J-A-C-K and lastly, K-I-N-G-C-L-U-B-S*

(Note : The cards marked with * are turned up after the last letter of the- word clubs).

When spelling out cards after this fashion— in mixed order—impress on spectators that any card may be spelled-out in any manner.

The other three suits are spelled-out in the same way, for the values only; when spelling them in mixed order then proceed thusly :


-a-c-e-h-e-a-r-t-s-, -t-w-o-.* -f-o-u-r-h-e-a-r-t-s-, -f-i-v-e-, -s-i-x-. -s-e-v-e-n-, -e-i-g-h-t-. -j-a-c-k-h-e-a-r-t-s-, -q-u-e-e-n-, -k-i-n-g-.*

At this corner, trim the four jokers. These govern the spelling of the values only.

This corner is without trimming and serves to keep you on the right path.


(Same as for hearts).


-a-c-e-d-i-a-m-o-n-d-s-, -t-w-o-,* -t-h-r-e-e-.* -s-i-x-d-i-a-m-o-n-d-s-, -s-e-v-e-n-. -t-e-n-d-i-a-m-o-n-d-s-. -j-a-c-k-, -q-u-e-e-n-, k-i-n-g-.* In between each spell, approach some " troublesome " person and ask him to " cut " the pack and look at his favourite card.

Hold the pack lengthwise across the hand, your fingers and thumb guarding the ends of the pack, while the cut is made; this forces him to cut above one of the unroyal family cards. He must then take the top card, of the lower portion,


Top Card 10-of-hearts

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