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jyjANY years ago my very good friend Jack Avis published in the Pentagram, an effect entitled, 'Loops Entwined'. Actually it was published twice The first time without illustrations and without any repercussion, the second time a couple of years later with illustrations and the result, that with permission, it was reprinted in some half a dozen other magazines and later still in the book of Bruce Elliott's 'Professional Magic Made Easy'. The effect concerned the linking of two lengths of silk cord and on a number of occasions Jack has said. 'What 1 would like to do is to link a Jardine Ellis ring and two lengths of cord under similar conditions.' One plays about with an idea without doing anything about it and it was during the latter part of last Summer that I got down to putting in effect, something that had previously only been a few doodles on a sheet of paper. The result is simple in action and makes, from my own point of view, a nice addition to any table routine in which a Jardine Ellis ring is used.

The conjuror displays two lengths of nylon parachute cord, each measuring about thirty inches in length, a Jardine Ellis ring (the English type, which is heavy) and a pocket handkerchief. Also, not essential but to add to the effect, a miniature chianti flask.

The cords are doubled and laid on the table with the ring central. Illustration number one shows the layout. The handkerchief is then unfolded and placed over the centres of the rope and the ring. In the first illustration the position of the handkerchief is shown with cords and rings on top. The four ends of the cords are in view throughout the trick.

The conjurer tells his audience that he will attempt an effect of triple magical penetration. First of all he will pass one piece of cord through the ring. Secondly the other cord through the ring and finally each piece of cord through the other!

He lifts that central part of the handkerchief nearest to him with his left hand and with his right he moves one of the pieces of cord. His hand comes away and picking up the tiny chianti flask and remarking that it contains a remarkable magical solvent, he tilts it and shakes its invisible contents onto the cord. 'One cord has now passed through the ring!' 'Now for the second!' The right hand comes under the handkerchief again and there is some more movement and afterwards the chianti flask comes into play. 'Two cords through the ring', says the conjurer. 'Now to make one cord pass through the other'. The right hand goes beneath the handkerchief once more and yet again the chianti flask serves its turn. 'I have now done the three things I hoped to achieve.'

The right hand now withdraws the cords and ring from under the handkerchief showing that truly each cord has not only penetrated the ring, but also each other!

The requirements are simple, they are:—

1.—One Jardine Ellis ring.

2.—Two lengths of nylon cord each measuring thirty inches or thereabouts. If each is dyed a different colour the ultimate effect is enhanced.

3.-—A pocket handkerchief.

4.—A miniature chianti flask. Anyone going to Italy will obtain one of these for you. The one I have is purely a novelty and the top unscrews to allow a couple of small dice to fall out.

Preparation. Have the 'handkerchief folded on the left side of the table. On top of it are coiled the pieces of cord and in the jacket or waistcoat pocket is the ring. The chianti bottle is on the right hand side of the table.

VOLUME 14 No. 2

NOV. 1959

Presentation. Seat yourself at the table. Take the ring from your pocket, if it is thought necessary, allow it to be examined. Place the ring in the centre of the table and then show the cords, fold them and place them in the position relative to the ring as shown in the first illustration. Unfold the handkerchief and also place this in the position shown in illustration one.

Not forgetting the use of the chianti bottle the effect is achieved in four main stages, as follows :—

Stage One. The left hand takes hold of the side of the handkerchief nearest to the performer and raises it about accouple of inches, just sufficient to allow the performer to see the ring and the centres of the double cords. In this stage with the right hand, he passes the centre loop of the right hand cord under and over the ring so that it occupies the position shown in illustration two.

His right hand comes away and picks up the chianti bottle, the left hand still retaining its hold on the edge of the handkerchief. The right hand approaches the raised part of the handkerchief and allows the lip of the bottle to go underneath, the bottle then being tilted. The bottle is given a shake and the right hand comes away and replaces the bottle in its original position on the table. The left hand releases its hold on the edge of the handkerchief and moves away. The performer remarks: 'One cord has now passed through the ring!'

Siage Two. The performer, after relaxing for a matter of five or six seconds, goes through the second process. Left hand lifts the handkerchief once again whilst the right hand goes beneath and under the cover affored, the left hand loop is passed through the right hand loop protruding through the ring so that it takes up the position shown in illustration three. The chianti bottles comes into play again and both hands move away from the handkerchief as the performer says:— 'Two cords through the ring!'

Stage Three. Another few seconds relaxation and then the third phase. This simply consists of taking the the left hand loop a little further through the right hand loop (both hands of course playing their usual parts), and then bringing the outer sides of the loops so that position of cords and ring is now as shown in illustration four. The chianti bottle comes into play again and the performer remarks :— 'I have now done the three things I hoped to achieve!'

Stage Four. Relaxation and then the right hand comes in under the edge of the handkerchief and takes hold of the two pieces of cord between his thumb and second finger at the points X and Y respectively. At the same time as though to steady the handkerchief his left hand second finger drops onto the handkerchief at point A, which is within the loop of the left hand cord. The drop of this finger should synchronise with the start of the take away of the right hand, which now pulls the cords backwards towards the rear of the table. This has the effect of causing one end of the left hand cord to pass through the ring and the latter is threaded in the manner shown in illustration five. The magician has truly reached his original objective!

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