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The following little idea will, I think, be of value to cigarette manipulators.

It enables the performer, when extracting a cigarette from a packet, to obtain secretly a second cigarette to assist him in his manipulations.


Take a twenty packet of cigarettes, the usual standard type, i.e., Players, Capstan, Craven " A ", etc., and holding the packet with the lettering the correct wav up, push the drawer DOWN for about just over a quarter of an inch, and in this space—LAY A CIGARETTE.

It will be found that the performer can, after showing his hands empty, take held of the packet, and by picking it up with the right hand nearest the concealed fag (too much trouble to write " cigarette " every time !), thumb on left,

Make the small pads of thin paper. Use a hard pencil. When the top sheet is written on an indented impression is left on the next sheet. In your trouser pocket is a thumb-tip which has a small, hard pad of silk fixed to it (on the non-nail tip of the thumb); this pad is well rubbed with graphite or plumbago.

When spectator has written and torn off his sheet, take the pad and put it in your trouser pocket. DON'T LOOK AT THE PAD AT ALL AS YOU TAKE IT FROM HIM AND POCKET IT. Take your hand out of your pocket again. Later, when the paper is being passed around or folded and sealed in the envelope, stand with your hand in trouser pockets. Slip thumb into thumb-tip, hold pad in right fingers, cardboard back to palm, and rub the thumb-tip back and forwards over the surface of the top sheet. The graphite blackens the surface of the top sheet but leaves the indented impression white. Ditch the thumb-tip and palm the pad. Proceed as before, dropping the pad into the " shell." A white impression of the spectators drawing or printing will be visible through the " acetate window."

Experiment with different types of paper until you find the kind that takes the clearest " indented impressions" Believe me, done this way, you really will " create an impression!"


You can make a very good and sensitive " carbon " paper yourself by rubbing all over a sheet of paper with a 4 or 5B pencil. When the paper is covered, rub the graphite smooth with a soft cloth.

Prepare, in this manner, a large sheet of the paper that you make your pads with, then cut it into leaves 2in x 3in. When you make your pads, simply incorporate one of these "impression" sheets third from top, pencil side down of course.

Gigxmeite Wjwft&w, and fingers on right, push the drawer UP with the left hand, when the concealed cigarette automatically comes into the " finger palm " position in the right hand. After pushing in the drawer, the performer naturally opens top of packet with left hand and extracts a fag in full view of the audience, the bending up of the top flap of the packet effectively concealing the duplicate cigarette in right hand.

To the audience, he has merely opened a packet and extracted a cigarette in the normal manner.

A few minutes' practice with a packet in the hands will soon convince anyone of the practicability of the idea.

When placing " loaded " packet on table before the show, rest the upper portion on a match, this will prevent the cigarette rolling out and becoming exposed.

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