En Rapport

EN RAPPORT is Annemann's supreme effort to give the fraternity a practical and easily learned two-person routine of telepathic oddities. EN RAPPORT is the ONLY complete programme of its kind offered, and has been developed over a long period and little by little refined through actual performance to the nth degree of showmanship.

EN RAPPORT is designed to fulfil the need of advanced amateurs and semi-professionals. From start to finish the routine can be well " learned " in two evenings. From then on it is strictly a matter of presenting the act before an audience to gain the confidence necessary to a " professional " standard performance.

EN RAPPORT is NOT a question answering act, nor is it a telepathic act of the type which requires many months of arduous study and rehearsal. This modern Annemann routine is for the many who perform but occasionally yet want the ultra of professionalism. It has been arranged for presentation before from as few as five people to as many as 500. In the drawing room, at the club or on the stage!

EN RAPPORT is NOT an act of apparatus. Forty minutes of mystery are carried in a brief case, and the act can be shortened to as little as ten or twelve mystery-packed minutes for the shorter show. No " at location " preparation is needed. You ask for nothing. An audience is the only requisite, and you can begin the moment you arrive!

EN RAPPORT has been audience tested. You have probably seen many typescript telepathy acts advertised in the past. The inventor "thinks" it is good. You " think " it has been tested, and buy. Then you find that it is impractical in actual performance. As a contrast Annemann performed this act as a " repeat " show following normal bookings of his " one man " mental act on no fewer than 53 occasions over a period of just over four years, earning fees ranging from the equivalent at the time of from £20 to £70 per performance! EN RAPPORT runs approximately forty minutes for the full act, and after the introduction tests are made to ascertain if conditions are right for telepathic communication. The routine continues with cards, coins, notes, names, dates and pictures. The various effects are surrounded with drama and all phases of abnormal mentality are shown.

EN RAPPORT is now published as a finely printed and fully illustrated book with illustrated board covers— produced in the usual first-class Armstrong manner. Price 12/6 Postage 6d.



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