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The writer has always felt very strongly that mental effects should be accomplished without the aid of apparatus of any kind, and that they should be presented in a very direct and simple manner. Ih other words, the performer should act in exactly the same way as a genuine mind-reader would. The following effect, I believe, meets with these qualifications so far as it is humanly possible.

Effect — The performer explains that with demonstrations of mind-reading, one of the greatest difficu ties is to eliminate the possibility of members of the audience being confederates, and for this reason it is essential that everything should be left entirely to chance. He points out that the most obvious method to adopt in regard to a demonstration of mind-reading, would be to ask someone to think of a particular thing and then to divine what is in the person's mind. However,, if this procedure were adopted the audience would quite justifiably believe that the whole thing had been pre-arranged, and therefore this straightforward method cannot be adopted.

The performer then borrows from the host or members of the audience any daily or evening newspapers, and with the owners' permission cuts from each newspaper the columns relative to advertisements. These columns are then further cut into individual ads. so that the performer is left with perhaps fifty or sixty different ads. relating to various things, such as articles for sale, cars, houses, births, deaths, etc. There - is, of course, no limit to the nurffber of ads. which may






be cut up, and the performer, if preferred, may cut up several hundred beforehand which may be passed out for examination. To continue, the ads. are all well mixed up by members of the audience, and a volunteer is asked for, who is handed ten small envelopes, into each of which he is requested to place one advert. To eliminate the possibility of the volunteer being a confederate, he is either blindfolded while making his selections, or all adverts, are turned face down. This procedure makes it impossible for any specially marked or special ads. to be selected. The envelopes are then sealed by the volunteer and passed directly to the audience for a thorough mixing up.

The performer is nowhere near the volunteer when the ads. are selected and sealed, and, in fact, does not know the subject matter of any one of them. After mixing, the audience retains one envelope and the remainder are cut open and the ads. distributed amongst the audience, and are found to be all different. The^elected envelope is now opened by a spectator, who removes the enclosed advert, and who concentrates on the subject matter. The performer, who meanwhile has been at the opposite side of the room, immediately divines what is oh the advert, word by word—or just the general context. This is left to the individual performer.

Method.—The effect is accomplished without any sleight of hand, switching, palming, adding or subtracting, and the. method is extremely simple and clean cut. It is produced by means of a special fake envelope, which can be handed out for audience examination if considered necessary. The envelopes, as will be seen from the illustration, have a secret compartment into which is inserted prior to the performance duplicate, adverts, cut from ten issues of the same edition of any newspaper. To prepare the envelopes obtain ten small wage packet type envelopes and steam open all sections where gummed.

Ten envelopes of a similar type are now required from which flaps should be cut as per illustration. The flaps should now be glued to the bottom of the steamed-open envelopes, and the envelopes restored to their original condition by-re-glueing the seams. A duplicate advert, should now be inserted into the front compartment of each envelope and the top front edge of the flap should now be glued to its mate on the envelope. These directions will be quite clear on referring to illustrations. The normal way to insert anything into these envelopes is, to hold the envelope with the address side towards the floor, or possibly inclined upwards a little, and it is impossible for anyone to see or suspect the existence of the secret flap. The extra thickness also cannot be felt if the thin type envelopes are used.

The routine is exactly as stated up to the point where the nine envelopes are opened, and at this stage the performr, always ready to save the audience any trouble, takes each envelope and with a pair of scissors cuts off the top edge. This procedure will allow the aidverts. placed inside by the volunteer to be removed or shaken out. The duplicate adverts, will remain sealed in their secret compartments.

Next, taking the one particular envelope which has been selected, the performer cuts off the bottom edge, and hands the envelope to a member of the audience. The performer then retires to the other side of the room and the spectator is requested to remove the advert, from the envelope and concentrate upon its contents. Needless to say, the performer should unobtrusively obtain this envelope at the earliest possible opportunity. Opening the envelopes at the bottom edges will only open the secret compartments, and thus the spectator can only remove one of the duplicate adverts.

I do urge you to make up an envelope as described, and you will be extremely surprised how difficult it is to detect the secret compartment. The beauty of the effect is, of course, that it is completely self-working.

Note.—I have entitled the effect " Death from a

Newspaper " because I have found it to be very effective if the ten duplicate notices refer to death. "The Daily Telegraph" and other newspapers carry notices of this type.

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