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Chair 4

The mentalist may be watched as closely as the audience desire because he does not give any signals nor make any movement once the medium has entered the room.

Credit must go to the Master Magician . . . Annemann, for it was one of his effects in his immortal Jinx that guided our minds along the road that led to the evolving of the above effect. The effect in question was " Thoughts in the Air," Jinx No. 14.

Requirements—A new, unopened pack of of cards, a table and a chair.

The required code is simple and is as follows

Sixteen cards are dealt out in the form of a square.

Both magician and medium have mentally broken the large square of 16 into 4 smaller squares, as indicated by 1 2 3 4 in sketch A. The four cards in each of the small squares are coded 1 2 3 4 (always coding clockwise). Any card chosen can now be coded by means of two signals.

First the particular small square in which the card lies is coded by the mentalist's position in front of the audience. A glance at sketch B should make this part clear.

Next the number indicating the actual card itself is given by means of a chair code.

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