E Matte Magician

A Sonnet.

He stood upon the well-lit stage alone, And listened to the cheering and applause ; The knowledge that his Art had been it's cause, Filled him with pride, such as he'd never known. At last—his skill in magic had outgrown The efforts of all others—natural laws He clearly disobeyed ; and, without pause,

Changed black to white, and metal into stone. The law of gravity (submitted to his care) He held to scorn ; and at his least command Tables would rise, unaided, in the air ; And this but at the lifting of his wand ! The cheering fades, ana with a stifled scream, The young magician wakens from his dream. .


M ENTALI STS DREAM—continued from page 50 described. The credit for the original prediction effect belongs to Paul Curry, although it was Maury Kain's version of that effect which Ren Clark presented. The use of a pair of cards, double-backed and double-faced respectively is a Theodore De Land idea. By the way, I cannot recall another example of double-faced cards with the same card on both sides.


continued from page 49

withdrawn, and with as much showmanship as possible that light has made the appearance of the index on the shadow of the card drawn by the spectator. As a proof of this the selected card which should be laying face down during the opening of the paper, is turned face upwards. The index of both are identical.

The impression on the finger will last many hours, provided the finger does not become damp or used too much so that the impression wears off.

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