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In the past I have never had a great liking for those versions of the torn and restored paper, where, after the restoration the conjurer has gone on to give an explanation (?) of the feat. My opinion changed -when during the course of his lecture demonstration, " The Professional Angle," Duggie Francis presented the version about to be described The overall effect is excellent. —PAY.

nn HE EFFECT is that the conjuror, after showing a piece of white tissue, tears it and restores it. An explanation (?) using a sheet of black tissue as the supposed duplicate is then demonstrated, the trick being concluded by showing that both black and white sheets are uninjured. The requirements:—

Two sheets of white tissue paper measuring ten inches by fifteen inches.

Two sheets of black tissue of similar size.

A metal bangle about three inches in diameter.

A fake made as follows : To a safety pin a small square of tin is soldered and on to this is affixed, also by means of solder, a needle. It should look like this.

The Set-up prior to presentation.

One sheet of white tissue and one sheet of

This shows how piece of tiji and needle are positioned on safety pin

The Set-up prior to presentation.

One sheet of white tissue and one sheet of black tissue are rolled into balls measuring about three quarters of an inch! across. The ball of white is impaled upon the needle and the fake is inside the performer's jacket on the right so that the lowest part of the paper is about half an inch above the bottom edge of the jacket thus :

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