Double Double


DURING the past year this routine has more than proved its worth. The first part was the result of a conversation with Dr. Stanley Jaks whilst the latter phase is the triple extension of an Annemann effect.

As the presentation carries the effects, I feel that it is better to describe the requirements and then give the complete presentation.

The Requirements:

1. One rough and smooth forcing pack with the force card being the three of hearts.

2. A form of brainwave deck made up as follows: Take an unprepared pack of cards and apply roughing fluid to the backs of every card except the two Jokers. Now take the rough and smooth forcing pack and ribbon spread it face up on the table. From the pack you have just treated, place aside all the cards that are duplicated in the face-up spread of the forcing pack. Now pair these twenty six cards off back to back with the remaining twenty-six cards. The pairs are then assembled to form a pack and in doing so the order of the cards should be the same as that in the forcing pack. Turn these cards down and face down on the topmost card place one of the Jokers. The other Joker is then taken and this is made the face card of the pack.

Now if this pack is fanned there will be a Joker at the face and one at the rear, and if the conjurer is looking at the back of the cards he will see the complete run on odd cards in the forcing pack. When the fan is closed it can be handled as an ordinary pack insomuch that a back is seen at one end of the pack and a face card at the other. Think of this as pack number one and replace it in its case.

3. Two packs will be required to make up this pack. First of all remove the following cards from each pack.

Two of clubs, ten of hearts, five of spades.

Queen of hearts, five of diamonds, Queen of diamonds.

Seven of hearts, four of diamonds, seven of diamonds.

Stack these nine cards in just that order with the two of clubs face down and the others following underneath.

Now thei following cards are also removed:

Ten of clubs, ace of hearts, four of spades, seven of spades, nine of diamonds, three of dia monds, eight of spades, King of diamonds, eight of diamonds.

One set of these nine cards is now stacked ten of clubs face down with the others in ascending order on top so that the topmost card is the eight of diamonds.

The remaining duplicates are stacked in a similar order, the top card being the two of clubs and the bottom card the ten of clubs.

Now to assemble the pack. Take any nine cards and place them on top of the two of clubs stack. Under the latter place the eight of diamonds stack, then under these place nine indifferent cards, one of which should be the three of hearts, and finally under these the stack of eighteen duplicates. Reading from the top of the pack this should be the make-up:—

Nine indifferent cards;

Stack—Two of clubs to seven of diamonds;

Stack—Eight of diamonds to ten of clubs;

Nine indifferent cards, one of which is the three of hearts;

Eighteen duplicates of the two stacks—fifty-four cards in all.

One thing more, place two small pencil marks on the back of the eight of diamonds at diagonally opposite corners, so positioned that when the pack is fanned one can be noted by the performer. Call this pack 'Number Two' and before replacing it in its case reverse the three of hearts.

4. One ordinary pack which is set up as follows:-Remove the cards which duplicate the two stacks in pack number two. Arrange these cards in the same order. Now on top of the two of clubs stack place nine indifferent cards. Under the ten of clubs place another nine indifferent cards and then sandwiched between the two stacks goes the remainder of the pack. Think of this as pack number three and replace it in its case.

5. Three envelopes.

Preparation. Take each pack in its case and place them one at a time into the three envelopes, making certain that you know which one is in which. Seal the flaps of the envelopes and on the address side write in large letters, 'Pack number One', 'Pack number Two' and 'Pack number Three', thus identifying the contents inside.

Prior to the show commencing, approach a member of the audience, preferably someone well known, and ask him to take charge of the envelopes until you make your appearance and ask for them. You also ask him to write his name across the flap of each envelope.

Place the forcing pack in its case upon the table and you are all set for the:-

Presentation. After a brief introductory effect, the mentalist tells his audience that before he came upon the stage he had certain cards taken from three packs, each was replaced in a different way, the packs were then returned to their cases and the latter sealed inside envelopes which after being signed and sealed were left with Mr. X in the audience. Mr. X is asked to stand and the mentalist says: " You were the gentleman who was kind enough to place his signature upon the envelopes and mind them until now, is that correct? The spectator assents, and with this assent the effect on the audience is that not only did this gentleman do just what you have said but the innuendo is that the taking of certain cards and their return to the packs before they were replaced in their cases and finally the envelopes was also done by a member of the audience. It was this lovely angle that I have Dr. Jaks to thank for.

The spectator with the envelopes is now requested to step upon the platform and he is seated on your left. Ask him to indicate another member of the audience to assist you and with such further help forthcoming seat him on your right.

Open the case containing the forcing pack. Remove the pack and drop the case into your pocket. Ribbon spread the pack face up on the table and ask the spectator on your right to touch one card without consciously thinking of any particular card. When he has done this ask him if he is satisfied that the choice is free. When he assents, ask the spectator on your left for pack number one. Rip off the envelope and throw it off the stage. Ask the audience to remember that one card was taken from each pack and replaced in a particular manner. Remove the pack from the case, dropping the latter on to the table. Casually show the pack back and front and then fan the cards so that the duplicates of the indifferent cards in the forcing pack are facing you. Break the pack at the point where you see the duplicate of the card touched by the spectator on your right and separate it from its roughened mate. "One card reversed . . what was the name of the card you touched? The ace of spades . . . don't you think it more than a coincidence that the card taken from pack number one and replaced in a reversed position is also the ace of spades?" At this point the reversed card is withdrawn from the pack and shown to be the matching card to the one touched by the spectator.

The reversed card is now replaced in the pack and the latter dropped into the left hand pocket.

The forcing pack is then scooped up, and addressing both the spectator on the right and also the audience, the mentalist remarks, "You may all think that your good friend here was influenced in some psychological way in making his choice. I want to try the experiment once more but this time there will be no confusion of faces (at this point the pack is fanned faces to the audience). I want you sir, to touch one of the backs of the cards when they are spread in front oi you." The pack is ribbon spread on the table face down and the spectator, with a signal from the mentalist, touches the back of one card. The mentalist pushes it out of the spread and gathers up the remainder of the pack which he drops into his pocket leaving just the touched card face down upon the table.

The spectator on the left is asked for pack number two. To the audience the mentalist says, "In this pack too, there is a card reversed." He rips away the envelope, throwing it off-stage, and then removes the cards from their case. He fans the cards showing one reversed, back to the audience. He turns the pack round so that they can see the face. "Three of hearts . . . will you (this to the spectator on the right) pick up the card you touched and show the audience its face!" The audience then see that the touched card is also a three of hearts.

The spectators are thanked and the three of hearts which has been slightly withdrawn from the pack held by the mentalist is pulled out of the pack, reversed, and replaced in the same position it occupied before.

Now comes the second part of the routine.

To the spectator on the right, the mentalist says, "For the moment, rather than try and anticipate your thoughts I wish to show you an experiment in telepathy. I want you to think of a card. If however I say that and your choice falls on a commonly thought of card some may say that I guessed rather than read your mind, therefore I want you to take about half this pack of cards. (At this point the performer fans the pack towards himself and cuts off the bottom eighteen cards, then handing them to the right hand spectator). As I turn away I want you to fan these cards in front of you and think of just one. Keep it well in your mind. Tell me when you've made a decision." When the assistant tells the performer that he has thought of a card, he is further asked to turn the cards face down and mix them. The performer turns round and fanning the cards cuts at the pencil dotted eight of diamonds. "Just replace your packet back in the pack." The spectator replaces his cards so that they are sandwiched between the two banks of eighteen stacked cards.

The pack is momentarily placed upon the table. "You sir, merely thought of a card. I am going to reach into your mind and find out just what that card was, more than that I am going to place it in a particular part of the pack." The pack is now picked up by the performer who goes on to say, "I want you to think of this card not as a picture, but rather as a word, in other words were the card the ace of clubs I want you to think of it as A.C.E. O.F. C.L.U.B.S. just a letter at a time. Start thinking when I say 'Ready!'. The pack is placed behind the performers back with one hand and the other reaches behind, removes the top card, and without showing its face brings it forward. "Here" say the performer, "I think is your card, but as I told you I intend doing just a little something more." The card is taken behind the back and simply replaced on top and then the pack is brought forward and placed face down on the table.

"Now, sir, for the first time I wish you to tell the audience here the name of the card you thought of?" We'll suppose that the spectator says the five of diamonds. Now you know that this card is in the stack nearest the top of the pack.

Pick up the pack and slowly and deliberately count off one card for each letter of the name of the card and the five of diamonds will turn up on the final letter. Had the card been in the top stack and been the seven of hearts, four of diamonds or seven of diamonds, the spelling would have had to have been prefixed with the letters T. H. E. If the card had been in the lower stack the cards would have been counted off from the face instead of the top. The same rule for the 7th, 8th and 9th card in this stack also applies, i.e. the prefix 'THE' must be added to the spelling.

You will get your applause at this point. Then to the right hand spectator, "You choose a card freely from a big batch of cards. If I told you that I made you think of that card, would you believe me?" The answer will be in the negative. "Let me prove it," says the mentalist, and he asks the spectator on the left for the envelope marked '3'. Ripping away the covering he removes the pack from its case and counting off exactly in the same manner as he did before he turns up the thought of card on the final letter!

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