Diabolos Coin Vanish

DIABOLO (Russell Sharp)

T^IABOLO is the stage name of an American, Russell Sharp. Married to an Icelandic girl soon after the war, he took up residence in Iceland and there practises as a professional magician, sup' plementing his income with Science fiction writing for American magazines.—Editor.

IT was way back at the first I.B.M.-S.A.M. Convention that I first had the honour of watching your great close-up performer, John Ramsay. Though I had derived much pleasure from watching many of the British team in action and had rhapsodised over your Mr. Buckingham's wonderful lecture on manipulation, it was the superbly individual magic of this little Scotsman that stirred my blood and though 1 never shall have the slow adroitness necessary to perform his intriguing " Triple Restoration " the lesson that I had in his room at the Sherman Hotel was an unforgettable piece of teaching and something that gave me a new slant on the beauty of close-up conjuring. Did I just mention " Triple Restoration." I should have coupled this with an equal masterpiece, the "Cylinder and Coins." It was the latter effect which gave me the slow motion vanish that I now describe for Mr. Warlock's readers.

From the spectator's viewpoint, the magus holds a coin between the tips of his right hand thumb and first finger. The hand is almost horizontal with the ground. The left hand approaches with palm to the audience. The fingers point ceil-ingwards. The coin is taken by the fingers of the left hand closing around it. There is no movement of the left hand at all. Slowly the right hand moves a little to the right and in a natural manner point towards the closed fist of the left hand. The left hand is now opened and it is seen that the coin has vanished.

Try this with a coin the size of an English penny or half-crown. The coin and your hands are the only things you require.

Look at the illustration. This is the position of the hands just before the apparent take-over of the coin. As the left hand fingers close over

the coin, the left hand first finger presses against the edge of the coin. With a continued downward movement in closing the coin takes the position shown in the next picture.

The coin is completely masked by the fingers of the right hand, and as the left hand moves a few inches away, as though carrying the coin, the second finger of the right hand presses against the coin and the first finger eases its hold so that the coin is gripped now between the thumb and second finger. The right hand finger now points to the closed fist. Everything has been done in a most deliberate manner, a manner which must be maintained as the left hand is turned back of the hand nearest to the floor and then the fist is slowly opened revealing the vanish of the coin.

VOLUME 12» No. 5 - 1/6. (20 Cents) - FEBRUARY 1958

From the manner in which the coin is held in the right hand it can with the slightest of movements be transferred to either a thumb palm or finger-palm position.

Those familiar with Mr. Farelli's write-up of

Mr. Ramsey's trick will see that the adaptation has changed what was a self working vanish, i.e. the coin fell into position to an aided vanish. Just try this out in front of a mirror and I guess you'll be pleased with its natural deceptiveness.

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