Dealing Seconds With One Hand

THIS sleight is more difficult to acquire than the one previously described, but it is well worth while, if only for one effect described later. I refer to.

The cards are held in the same way as in the other deals, and the left forearm swings back and forward just as in single handed bottom dealing. The two top cards are pushed over on the downward stroke, the arm is swung outwards, and during the swing the top card is pivoted to its normal position. The third finger pushes upwards, against the under surface of the second card, this card being lifted about a quarter of an inch from the remainder of the pack. The left arm commences the inward swing, throwing the second card, and continuing the downward stroke.

Immediately the second card has been dealt, and on the downward swing, the left thumb again pushes the two cards over, and the whole process is repeated.

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