Dai Vernon

facing the audience and let the spectators see that some cards protrude from the pack. The one facing them will be an indifferent card, then two aces followed by two indifferent cards. If you fan the five cards so that only the three indifferent cards show, you can stress the fact you have left some cards protruding from the pack.

At this moment you are ready to perform the " Plunger " Ace trick. Just pushing the packet of five upwards will cause the first ace to appear at the top followed by four cards. A push through from this end causes the next to appear and so on.

You will be interested in some of Dai's comments on the handling of the pack. Hold the pack in the left hand with the cards projecting out of the base. Grip the pack at the top between thumb and finger and wiggle the five cards a little to free them of binding. Next with the cards still stuck out of the pack, pull them towards you so that they stick out of the base of the pack projecting to the right at about a thirty degree angle. Next straighten them out so that they are in line with the pack. The point of this manouevre is to make sure that the five cards are most of their length out of the pack and this is an easy and clean way to do it.

Next move the left hand hold on the pack from the top to the base and belly the pack inwards towards your palm by pressure on the sides, by your thumb and fingers.

Holding the pack in this way place the projecting block of cards on the back of your right fist and press downwards. The block goes through the pack and forces an ace into view at the top of the pack. Turn the pack around in your left hand so the base is now at the top. Press the block again. Each tme you repeat a new ace will appear.

And of course, if after the arrival of the fourth ace you push it back into the pack keeping a break, all you have to do is to cut above the break and you have the four aces back on top of the pack, ready for any other ace chicanery that you have in mind.

" Perhaps the art of conjuring may be compared to a vast fairy-land, full of pretty surprises that await a discovery. It is impossible to give a complete guide to this wonderful land, because explorers are always finding fresh delights in it, and no one knows the whole country thoroughly." David Devant—" Magic Made Easy "


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