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"W17 7 HEN A1 Baker and Dai Vernon in the long ago, merchandised a card effect they dubbed "AL'N AND DAI" the effect never got the reception it deserved for it had a spot in it where it was necessary to palm a card. Knowing that most magicians would rather buy a new box trick than palm a card, Dai worked out a non-palming method that should give this little classic a new lease of life.

Effect: Two cards which have been delegated to act as finders, let's say the deuce of clubs and the deuce of spades, are removed from the pack and dropped face up on the table. The pack is then spread, a card is selected and replaced back in the pack.

One deuce is left face up on the table as the magician removes a card from the top of the pack and, holding it back up, asks the spectator to pick up the other deuce.

The card in the magician's hand is placed face down on top of the face up deuce on the table, the spectator then being requested to drop his deuce face up on the face down card.

In effect, a face down card is now sandwiched between two face up ones.

The performer now lifts the sandwich and says, "There is no way that I can know the identity of your card unless I look at the face, is there ? " As he asks this he lifts the three cards as one and shows them to the spectator as in the following illustration :

The spectator sees his chosen card between the two other cards, but the performer names it incorrectly, saying, "There's no earthly way I could know your card is the ten of clubs, is there?"

The spectator assures the performer that the card is not the ten. The card between the two deuces is now removed and placed on the table face down and the two deuces having failed in their duty as finders are placed in the pack.

The performer is nonplussed to say the least. He says, "Your card is not the ten of clubs? That's odd," and turns over the card on the table to reveal the fact that it is the ten of clubs.

The performer muses : "I felt certain it was the ten, but I must fall back upon my magic now . ." and then he ribbon spreading the pack backs up, he shows that his magic is ever present for there in the centre of the ribbon spread is one card face up and that card is the card selected by the spectator, which a moment before the same spectator saw sandwiched between the two deuces.

No palming, no difficult sleights, no nonsense, and yet a terrific effect.

Whilst going through the pack to locate and extract the two deuces notice and remember the name of the top card of the pack. In this example it is the ten of clubs. Now have any card selected and bring it second from the top of the pack, i.e' immediately under the ten of clubs.

Push one of the deuces towards the spectator and ask him to pick up the other. This gives you all the time in the world to prepare for a double lift. Place the double lifted cards face down upon the face up deuce and ask the spectator to drop his deuce face up on the two (?) cards. You then pick up the three cards.

The situation is now back to the first illustration, the cards being spread to assume this appearance. In arranging this sandwich, press the tip of the middle finger lightly against the back of the back up card that is visible. Move this card away from you about an eighth of an inch (this ensures that the spectator can only see the thickness of one card). If you buckle the packet slightly there is no earthly chance that the extra card can be detected.

Lift the sandwich so that the face of the selected card is showing and miscall it the name of the card that was at the top of the pack. We are now back again to illustration 2.

When the spectator assures you that you are in error, turn the packet in the left hand, so that the two deuces are face up and as you seem to be puzzled, put the ball of your thumb against the bottom of the deuce of spades and begin to push away from you, at the same time press the ball of the right middle finger tip against the back of the visible back up card.

Push this way until the back up card is protruding from the sandwich and the other cards are squared up. Pull the projecting card away and place it on the table face down.

The other squared up cards (with the reversed card hidden between them) are cut into the pack which has been waiting face up to your left.

Complete the cut as you brood about the iniquity of the trick having gone wrong, and then turn over the card on the table. They have just seen it to be their card and now it is the card you said it was. Ribbon spread the pack and show the selected card face up in the face down pack.

" The amateur should bear in mind that all sleight of hand is only a means to an end, and that if that end can be reached in a more direct way sleight of hand is of no value to him."

David Devant—" Magic Made Easy "

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Fundamentals of Magick

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