Coloured Trouble

Trewey Model Cartridge Paper Stanyon Corners

Beauti f till i/ ( oioiu'd in tost Itninhmr Colours Stage Size, used bv Trewev, etc., 12 ins. when closed.

Rainbow coloured, 22/6. Plain White, 15/6. / in /lortant Hints on o [inning and closing t/n folds included Trouble Wit Booklet ; 80 illustrations ... 2/9 CARD TRICKS BY STANYON Card Castle. Base 12 x 10| inches; 6 tiers of cards; 22 inches high; beautifullv made, double cards, 50/-. Card Castle from Hat. 6 tiers; high grade miniature, 30/-.

'Limit' Diminishing Cards. With pack to match and black Ebonised Stand, 30/-; (without Stand, 25/-) 'Find the Lady'; Giant size. 40/-; Ordinary Cards. 10/-. Giant Card Penetration. Genuine Jumbo Cards, 70/-. Giant Card and Lamp Glass Penetration. Genuine

Jumbo Cards, 70/-. Trick Packs. (New Bond Cards) Wizard, 6/-; Svengali, 7/6; Quick Cut and Calculating, 7/6; Colour Change and Free Choice Forcing. 7/6; Limit Arranged Pack, 7/6.

Cards cut to your own specification. MAGIC (Stanyon), 19Ó0-1920, with the Dictionary of Magic. 3 sample copies, post free, 3/3.

It is our policv to keep every hook on conjuring and allied arts in stock. Write for free lists. Most I'.S.

books and all English publications in stock. Five Shillings equals one dollar—we pay postage Foreign and Colonial customers /¡lease write din et. 1|>

haee supplied MAGIC to the WOULD since 1890 ELLIS STANYON AND COMPANY 76 Solent Road, West Hampstead, London. N.W.6.

Telephone : HAMpstead 0940__


Magical Publications

Mr. Smith's Guide to Sleight of Hand W. Jonson 10/6

A.B.C. of Ventriloquism I). Craggs 10/-Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards L. Ganson 10/-

Nothing is Im possible T. II. Hall 15/

Masterpieces of Magic, Vol. 1 10/-

Patterns for Psychics ..Warlock 10/-

Kamut Franklin 3/6

Conjunioring Brear'.ey 10/-

Willane's Wizardry . Willane 2/6

Obtainable from all Dealers or direct from :- ■

404/408 Croydon


ROAD Surrey


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