Colour And Number Prediction


EFFECT. The conjurer takes a small slip of blank paper, folds it up and places it on a small tray on his table. From his pocket he now removes four pencils, one red, one black, one blue and one green and they are placed beside the folded slip and all covered with a handkerchief.

Nine cards numbered from one to nine respectively are now introduced and one is freely selected. Next a free choice of one of the coloured pencils is given. Reaching under the handkerchief the performer takes the folded slip and hands it to the spectator who did all the choosing. He is asked to open it and when he does so finds on it the chosen number written in the chosen colour. There is no force!

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Nine cards as illustrated. Each carries a number on the front. The backs, which are not shown, have four small slides allowing a folded slip of paper to be inserted. If you have a stand to display the cards the trick takes on a better appearance. It you haven't you'll have to improvise one with a folded newspaper.

A small tray.

Four coloured pencils.

A slip of paper the same size as those that will be placed inside the slots. On the outside a small blob of magician's wax is affixed.


The folded slips that go in the back of the cards will have to be seen to first. On card No. one four folded slips are inserted in the slides. Each carries the figure one written in a different colour and slipped into the appropriate slot. This procedure is gone through with differing numbers with the remaining eight cards. The cards in numerical order are placed along the stand. Have a handkerchief, the pencils and the extra folded slip nearby. The tray rests on the table top.


Pick up the slip, fold it and place it on the tray towards the front, wax side uppermost. Show the pencils and place them alongside the folded paper. Now unfold the handkerchief and drape this over the tray, pressing it down on the waxed part of the folded slip. Point to the numbered cards and have one freely chosen. Emphasise the choice by picking up the card. With the card in your hand, ask for a choice of colour, and now handle the number card so that the right hand obtains possession of and fingerpalms the folded slip in a natural manner as the other hand takes the card away and replaces it upon the table. With your left hand lift the corner of the handkerchief and with the right reach down as though to take the folded slip, really bringing forward the palmed slip. The left hands picks up the handkerchief (and, of course, the original slip) and pockets it. Hand out the slip and have the contents checked and verified.

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