THIS little effect is appropriate to this issue for the idea was patterned from Bobby Bernard's "Sands of Time" which we published way back in March, 1955.

What you'll need are two packs of cards, respectively red backed and blue backed, an opaque handkerchief, and the miniature hour glass.

Remove a similar card from each pack. Let us say that it is the ten of clubs. The blue backed card is placed second from the top of the red backed pack, whilst the red backed mate is second from the face of the blue backed pack. Both packs are then replaced in their respective cases. The handkerchief and miniature hour glass are placed on the table.

At the beginning of the presentation the packs of cards are removed from their cases and placed on the table. The cards are fanned both faces and backs being shown, care however being taken to prevent the backs of the odd cards being glimpsed. Because of their positions in the packs this is a matter of little difficulty.

Next the red backed pack is given a riffle shuffle that makes certain that the two top cards are left undisturbed. Similarly the blue backed pack is shuffled so that the two face cards keep their place. At the completion of the shuffle the latter pack is then turned face upwards and with the cards at such an angle that the face card cannot be seen by the audience, a double undercut is made leaving the red backed ten of clubs as the face card. The pack is then turned face down and placed on the table. Picking up the handkerchief it is draped over the blue backed pack which in the process is turned over. A spectator is asked to cut the cards through the handkerchief. As the spectator grips the cards through the handkerchief and makes the cut, the performer turns over the remaining cards with which he is left and withdraws them from the cover of the handkerchief then dropping them onto the table. The spectator is then asked to wrap the handkerchief round the cards he is holding and retain them for the moment. Handing the hour glass to another spectator, the latter is asked, when the performer gives him the word " Go !" to turn it over and allow the sand to run. When the final grain of sand has fallen he is to say " Stop ! " Whilst it is running the performer will deal off cards one at a time from the red backed pack. Taking the red backed pack in a dealing position and keeping the backs of the cards so that they cannot be seen by the audience, the word " Go ! " is given and the performer commences to deal the cards in a face up pile. The top card which is a red backed card is dealt straight but after that the performer deals seconds until the spectator says " Stop ! " At that point the blue backed ten of clubs left on top of the pack is dealt face up in front of the heap of cards already lying on the table.

" Now sir," says the performer to the holder of the cards in the handkerchief, "I am going to cause the card you cut at to change places with this one . . . I'll just say " Hocus Pocus," and you'll see them change places." The performer says " Hocus Pocus" but nothing is seen to happen. He repeats the spell and again no result. " Look sir . . . there is something strange about this . . . may we see the card you cut at ? " The spectator unwraps the handkerchief from around the cards, and finds that he too has cut at the ten of clubs. " What a coincidence," remarks the performer, "and not only that for the trick has actually worked. For you sir have the red backed ten of clubs" (At this point the performer takes the packet of cards from the spectator and turns over the card showing the back) whilst I have on the table, the blue backed ten !"

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