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the deck before it reaches his right hand, which, by the way, is held stationary.

There are .two little aids which are helpful with this. The cards in the right hand are not boxed together each time, but held slightly ragged. In practice this will help the magician to get the chosen card partially pushed off before the chosen number is arrived at, the unevenness of the cards masking this subterfuge. Secondly, if the operator would prefer to dispense with the double-lift (which I only use as a refinement) he can start counting the cards face down, gradually raising his hands to have the cards facing the audience. After he has counted the second card he has the necessary cover.

Effect.—Here the following are required :—

A piece of chalk ;

A pack of cards containing a short card— say, eight of Diamonds,

The operator invites a spectator to thoroughly shuffle the deck of cards, while he writes a prediction on the slate. The deck is handed back to the operator, who has the spectator hold the slate, writing side down. Operator now asks anyone to call out any number between one and fifty-two, suggesting it should not be too large so as to unduly prolong the effect. Operator now points out that the deck has been thoroughly shuffled and a number freely called. On counting down to that number, however, it is found that the card at that position was successfully predicted by the operator.

Method. There is little to add to what has already been described. When the operator receives the shutfled deck back he riffles to the short and either indetectably transposes the packets, or idly shuffles off the cards above the short whilst he casually patters about the spectator being satisfied that he (the operator) could not possibly know the order of the cards. This brings the short card to the top, and it is subsequently produced at the chosen number by means of the move described above. Of course the operator had written the name of the short card, eight of Diamonds, on the slate.

I hope you will find the above of interest and can make something of it. The count is a real utility move and capable of many uses.

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for "Witchcraft" Magic

PENTAGRAM GRADING : ***** (Five *** (Three stars)—Of Practical Value.

Both books coming under review this month deal with phases of card manipulation.

The fact that this book has reached a second edition is indicative of its quality. The author, whose practical demonstrations are well-known in this country, calls it a practical guide to the expert execution of card fans, cuts and shuffles. The book of fifty pages is divided into five chapters. The first dealing with the care of hands, cards to use and their treatment. The second part deals with the various types of fans, i.e., two-handed, blank fan, giant fan, etc. In every case the text is accompanied by the finest close-up photographs that we have seen in any magical publication, and, what is more to the point, the reader should notice the beautiful evenness of the fans. This part is concluded with the flash fan, an effect which, as Mr. Love remarks is truly magical. Part thre(* deals with fancy cuts starting with the single cuts and proceeding through multiple cuts to the triple one hand cut. Part four deals with the springing of cards, the waterfall shuffle and the weave shuffle, whilst in chapter five the switching of a colour fan deck is discussed. In the last part Mr. Love gives a complete routine, employing most of the items he has described. The book throughout is wonderfully illustrated and forms a complete guide to the would-be aspirant to this branch of conjuring. Billy O'Connor contributes a Preface. The book is serviceably bound and printed on art paper. To the author, photographer and publisher we extend our congratulations. Unreservedly recommended.

stars)—Outstanding. **** (Four stars)—Very Good. (Two stars)—No Reason for Publication.

**** " EXPERT MANIPULATION OF PLAYING CARDS " by Lewis Ganson (published by Areas, price 10/-).

Our regret is that the same paper used for " Card Fan-tasies " was not available for this volume. Mr. Ganson has produced a praiseworthy book clear in description and carrying over one hundred and fifty photographic illustrations. Unfortunately these photographs are not reproduced (owing to the paper used) to their best advantage. There are four sections to the book. The first deals with the back and front palm, including gloved manipulation and split-fan production. This is the best treatise we have seen on this subject, but we think we can add to the author's knowledge by saying that it was the late A. C. P. Medrington who introduced the silk move with the back palm. Gloved manipulation is effectively dealt with, including the removal of the gloves whilst there is retention of the cards. Section two deals with card fanning, and covers roughly the same ground as " Card Fan-tasies." Whilst it is not quite clear from the text here, under the title of the " Visible Changing Fan," seems to appear the " Flash Fan " described by Mr. Love. As this is a fairly recent development of card fanning one is surprised that there is no record of the source. Part three deals with flourishes in a very thorough manner. The last section deals with suggestions for routines, and here Mr. Ganson puts forward many excellent ideas. We liked the " Ace " diminishing cards, but readers of the " Jinx" will already be familiar with a similar idea that was contributed in No. 90, under the title of " Assorted Cards—Audley Walsh." The book is well printed, runs to eighty odd pages, and serviceably bound. It is a pleasant thought for the publisher to add a spine title. For the would-be manipulator of cards this book carries our unreserved recommendation, and Mr. Ganson deserves the thanks of conjurers for covering so much ground in such a thorough manner.

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