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HERE IS another in the series of George Armstrong's Giant Sized Manuals, uniform in style with John Howie's ROUTINES WITH THE JARDINE ELLIS RING and Peter Warlock's PATTERNS FOR PSYCHICS. Possession of this new manual will open up for you an entirely new field of magic. You need know NOTHING of the subject before purchasing the book, but a few evenings practice will enable you to present some of the most baffling moves and routines ever devised.

THE PRINCIPLES and RUDIMENTS of The Three Shell Game are thoroughly discussed before you learn a single move, and there are even instructions for preparing your own shells, should you prefer the genuine item instead of the present-day plastic variety.

NO LESS THAN 24 MOVES are then described in the minutest detail. Most of these have never seen the light of day before publication of this work and are entirely new to the conjuring profession. No matter what the circumstances might be, there is a move here to deal with it. No matter when or how a spectator may challenge you, he can NEVER win!

IF YOU MASTERED only half of these moves you would be an acknowledged expert at the Three Shell Game, but there is no reason at all why you should not master them all. NOTHING is left to the imagination, for in this section alone there are no less than 60 fine drawings by Jack Lamonte to augment the text.

FRUSTRATING THE CHALLENGER is dealt with in a special chapter, and there are moves and suggestions here that will really tickle your fancy. ROUTINING THE MOVES into a complete act will be easy when you have mastered them, but even this is done for you, with Three completely baffling and completely different styles of routines that are thoroughly described.

THE REGULAR ROUTINE has ten phases of baffling moves, THE RILER is a routine with a different slant and tons of entertainment value; and THE BOOMERANG is probably the most unusual Three Shell Game routine ever devised. You tell an entertaining story and illustrate it with baffling moves as the pea appears and disappears in the most unlikely places. Another 26 fine illustrations by Jack Lamonte make everything is this section quite clear.

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Navigate The Astral Plane

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