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As a follow-on effect for Sid Emon's " Over My Shoulder " or as an alternative for use under similar conditions, the old, but little known effecft of completely filling the eye of a small sewing needle with cotton, is useful. It is best to commence by getting your victim to thread the needle once in the ordinary way, using about a yard of cotton. The correct length will be found by experience as this is dependent on the size of the needle eye and the number of pieces of the cotton it will take to fill the eye completely—if too short, you will run out of cotton before the eye is entirely full, which ruins the effect.

The performer takes the threaded needle from the victim, commenting on the time he or she took to thread it once, turns his back for about thirty seconds then hands back the needle threaded a sufficient number of times to fill the eye so completely that it is difficult to move the bunch of cottons within the eye.

Slide the threaded needle to a position about eight inches from one end of the cotton.

At a point about four inches from the needle lay both the long and the short ends of the cotton over the left first finger nail, keeping the cotton taut with the second finger and thumb. Fig. I. Take the needle in the right hand and pierce both strands of cotton lying over the finger nail, using something may be " beer " or " sex " if you want to be really low.

The routine that follows is based on this idea of the joke. The funny lines which will turn it into a riot von must supply for yourself.

(1) The performer shuffles his pack of aces of spades and has a card selected to ensure that the selector has a perfectly fair choice of the card he wishes to draw. This is identified without letting the performer into the secret and placed face down in the little brass box, which is retained by the member of the audience.

(2) The performer then displays the slate back and front and spiels according to his ability and inclination on the subject of spirit writing. Greater Magic has a nice piece about a French gypsy who caused a furore in Paris by automatic writing. You can lift that piece bodily. In short, the spirits are going to reveal the name of the selected card.

(3) The slate is reversed and back again, and sure enough the moment is propitious. The spirits have done their stuff, " Three of Clubs " ? ? ? ?

(4) The helper disclaims the aforesaid Three of

Next hold the point of the needle in the left hand, grasp the two points of impalement—"A"

CkcAeätxa Statt, Slow Ol, Seat 4

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