Clipped Prediction


A MUCH used Annemann principle, is the ' three compartment envelope.' This has been used in many effects which bring about a strictly limited prediction. A description of the envelope can be found in any of the following:—

Peter Warlock's ' Patterns for Psychics,' page

I am now about to describe an alternative for this faked envelope which has served me very well over the past few years.

Requirements, Preparation and Set-up.

First you will require a faked bull-dog clip used in the marketed effect known as Bob Ostin's 'Dice Prediction' which is sold by Davenports. In my own opinion the gimmick is worth treble the price asked. The gimmicked billet is sealed with a piece of sellotape.

Secondly, three predictions covering your triple limited choice. These are written on similar sized billets, folded and also sealed with sellotape.

The third thing you require is a saucer. Perhaps a strange thing to use instead of a more con-


ventional plate, but the reason will be given shortly.

Fourthly three nine inch lengths of cotton, joined together as shown in illustration.

The table that you use is now set up as shown ventional plate, but the reason will be given shortly.

Fourthly three nine inch lengths of cotton, joined together as shown in illustration.

The table that you use is now set up as shown

Notice that the three single knotted ends of the cotton are affixed lightly to the sellotape sealing the billets, i.e., the knot is inserted under the sellotape which is then stuck down. Needless to say the billets are in a known order. In the illustration so as to help the explanation I have lettered them A, B and C. The special clip previously mentioned is threaded on a piece of cord which is attached to two chairs, the clip hanging in the centre. These chairs are on the right of the stage.


The performer first of all indicates the billet held in the clip. He then goes into an effect in which an ultimate choice of three objects, cards or what have you are arrived at. These items are taken care of by the billets in the saucer. Now carefully stressing the fact a complete freedom of choice is to be made, one item is chosen. Turning to the table the mentalist allows the left hand to go to the saucer. The left thumb is placed


on top of the desired billet, whilst the remaining fingers of the left hand grip the saucer and carry it forward, canting the rear edge slightly towards the table, see illustration.

Thanks to the pieces of thread, the unwanted billets gently slide off the edge of the saucer to lie on the table top (now you'll appreciate why a saucer is used for its natural concavity is an aid to this manoeuvre). As soon as the unwanted billets are clear of the saucer the left thumb is taken off the billet and moves to the front edge of the saucer. Whilst this is all taking place do not glue your eyes on the saucer. After first getting the preliminary position with the merest glance, the taking of the saucer from the table should seem unimportant.

Walk over to the clipped prediction bringing the saucer immediately under the clip. Make the necessary action with the clip and then walk over to a member of the audience asking him to remove the sealed billet from the saucer, open it out and read how you have been successful in your prophecy. Thanks to Mr. Ostin's ingenuity it would seem that you never touched the billet at any time during the effect.

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