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To Douglas Francis belongs the credit for originating a very clever idea on the lines of the " Brain Wave " effect, but without the use of doctored cards. The presentation, however, required a rather bold manoeuvre not suitable for many performers. In the following presentation, I have tried to obviate the move which has altered the general effect slightly. The impression given to the audience is that a pack of cards is borrowed and shuffled by a spectator who also names any card in the pack. He is asked by the performer to take that card out of the pack and reverse it somewhere in the- centre of the pack.

The magician now reaches into his own pocket and brings out a card case containing another pack of cards. The case is opened and the cards removed. Simultaneously, the magician and spectator spread their packs, and it .is found that the card freely named appears reversed in each pack.

To show he actually anticipated the spectator's choice, the magician turns over the card in his own pack and shows it has a strange back, proving that he actually placed it in the pack before the performance.


The performer's pack is enclosed in a prepared card case. This case has had the bottom removed and two slips of strong paper gummed, one at each side. A pack of cards is inserted in the case and the two slips pushed down into the centre of the cards to act as a slide or guide to receive a single playing card. The case, with the cards, is placed, with the cards facing outwards, upside down in the right-hand vest pocket.

In the left-hand coat pocket is another pack ol cards, faces inward, set up in an index to enable the performer to locate any card at will. If desired, these may be Canadian Stag cards which are a trifle narrow and make the trick a little easier.


Borrow a pack of cards and have the owner or any spectator shuffle them. At the same time, ask him to name the first card which comes, to his mind. Then instruct him to take that card out of the pack and reverse it in the centre,of the pack. Meanwhile, there is ample time to secure its duplicate from the index and palm it, back to palm,'in the left hand. Ask him to lay hi^ pack face down on the table.

As he does this, reach into the right vest pocket for the other pack. In doing so, slide the palmed card into the guide created by the two slips of paper. As the case is produced, press the card flush, which forces it into the centre of the cards. Slowly open the top flap of case. You may now either take out the pack yourself or allow the spectator to do so; whilst you retain your hold on the case, of course. The case is then slipped in the pocket. Have him hold pack for a moment as you, in turn, pick up his pack. You instruct him to spread your pack across the table face down, as you with his pack, duplicate his actions. The two face-up cards agree.

It remains to prove the spectator's choice was anticipated by the magician, and the card in the magician's pack is reversed to show a strange back. The cards may be left lying around should someone care to inspect them.

l>uplic.»te card i.T5?rtea here l>uplic.»te card i.T5?rtea here

Side Tiew showing section of ca6e. Curds are not shown.

Two slips of paper gummed to bottom of c-ase. Bottom of case removed.

Two slips of paper gummed to bottom of c-ase. Bottom of case removed.

Side Tiew showing section of ca6e. Curds are not shown.

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