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« THE CARD MAGIC OF LE PAUL," by Paul le Paul (published by the Author, price in this country £3 and obtainable from the Fleming Book Co. See Ad. page 72).

Here is that rarity, a book on card work by a'professional card man. A book, too, that is a book in the fullest sense of the word. Stoutly clothbound, it contains some two hundred odd pages of text accompanied by some three hundred and fifteen photographs.

The first twenty-four pages of the book include acknowledgments, an introduction by John Mnlholland, and a Preface by the Author. It is terse, but it shows the mind of a magician, thus :—

" Skill is the prime requisite for conjuring with cards—sooner or later anyone who hopes to gain recognition as an expert must master the technique of card manipulation ", and

" Mediocrity is outmoded. If Magic is to hold its place ... it must be expertly done ".

The book proper is divided into two parts, the first part being devoted to sleights and flourishes, whilst the second is made up of card effects.

Le Paul in his sleight section does not describe anything revolutionary, in fact most of the methods given are adaptations or improvements on standard sleights. This is almost as it should be, for the groundwork of card magic has been well explored during the last generation. What, however, the Author does do is to convince the reader of the practicability of the sleights in question. In this range of sleights, the Pass, Side Steal,, Palming Double Lift, Changes, False Dealing, Controls and False Shuffles are all dealt with.

Particularly did we like his bottom palm, diagonal left palm, left hand centre card steal, snap over double lift and genuine one hand fancy deal. The second deal described, though without doubt effective, is not a second " deal ". With all these sleights the excellent grouping of the photographs at the side of the text make reading and learning a simple process.

The trick section commences with the excellent advice regarding the fact that the plot of any card trick should be simple. This point is borne in mind in all of the effects that follow. The first three effects, " How close can you watch ? " " Deceptive Perception " and " Mistaken Identity ", in which red backed and blue backed cards are used, all tie up nicely together and further more add a little more to this phase of conjuring. " Quadruplicate Mystery ", " Colour Segregation " and " Impromptu Torn Card Effect ", are all excellent items for close up work. There are a number of effects on the four ace theme, the handling in every case being free from involved methods.

An excellent book which carries a recommendation to all who love good card work.

" CONJURING," by Wilfrid Jonson, (published by Foyles of Charing Cross Road, W.C.2., price 2/6).

Here is a book of some ninety-six pages published by a famous firm of booksellers for the consumption by those members of the public who wish to become conjurers.

First of all we must congratulate our old friend, the Author, on his choice of such a.simple but at the same time all embracing title, and secondly on the masterly way in which in such a few words he has covered so large a field.

In the Preface, the Author gives the reader some excellent advice, one piece of which is to remember that you cease to be a conjurer when you have finished your performance, for as he rightly says " Nothing can be more irritating to really intelligent people than the conjurer who poses as a ' magician ' and pretends to be a man of mystery after he has finished his act."

The book is divided into two main parts, part one dealing with " Impromptu " magic, whilst the second is given the title of " Studied Mysteries." In part one are some fourteen items, all effective yet employing near to hand properties, whilst some twenty three items of a more elaborate nature take up the second part. There are no card items included for the simple reason that Mr. Jonson has a book entitled simply " Card Tricks " that will make a later appearance in the " Foyles Handbooks " series. For the beginner this is an excellent book, being both readable and informative. It teaches magic which is the great thing. An excellent " buy "

" THE PIDDINGTONS," by Russell Braddon (published by Werner Laurie, price 8/6).

This, a contemporary success story, is a neatly produced blending of fact with fiction. Russell Braddon, its author, writes graphically and well, and in the beginning we are taken back to the war days when the Jap was taking all before him in the Malay Peninsula. We read of the meeting between Sydney Piddington and the author, of their separation and their later re-union in Changi P.O.W. Camp, and how at this stage a telepathy act was born. (As this is primarily a book for the public at large we are not given the sources of inspiration that helped to take the act from Rhine symbols to the book test stage, in fact the credulous reader will have every right to assume that the phenomena written about was genuine phenomena).

With the success of the act, the first part of the book is ended, and the second begins with the capitulation of the Japanese and the return of Sydney Piddington to Australia. It tells of his period of rehabilitation and of his meeting with Lesley Pope (who later was to becpme Mrs. Piddington). It tells of their teaming up and' successful debut on Australian Radio.

The third and final stage is the story known to most, of how this young couple came to England and with their series of radio broadcasts caused not only controversy, but how such broadcasts served as stepping stones to stardom in variety.

The book runs to over two hundred pages and is well produced and illustrated. We feel that certain criticisms of both conjurers and personalities could have been omitted, and though Mr. Braddon seems to find our ways peculiar, such national peculiarities can be unwisely stressed, as instance the case of Parkin when he was once being barracked during a Test Match in Australia. We also think that should have been a credit note (and such a credit did not need the revealment of the Piddington methods) to those like Annemann and others who have helped in the modus operandi of this act.

" LE LIVRE D'OR " (compiled and published by Robelly^ 13. Rue du Grand-Marche, Tours, France. A limited edition of 312 copies).

M. Robelly in this book of nearly one hundred and fifty pages has, with a love of magic and magicians, paid homage to those magicians of the past. In his task he has been assisted by some sixty fellow magicians. Le Livre D'Or is really a magical " Who was who ? "

The compiler in his Foreword not only gives his reasons for the publication of this book but at the same time tells his readers that there are omissions. As in the case of certain British and European magicians, the author would no doubt be advised by his contemporaries, we must not place the blame on him for some of the amazing oversights, the greatest of which is that of David Devant. Others of note are Annemann, Douglas Dexter, Louis Nikola, Martin Chapen-der, Jardine, Ellis, Fasola, Hilliard and Sachs.

Despite these omissions, M. Robelly has produced a most valuable work and one that will give more than a great deal of pleasure to the serious student of Magic. In the majority of cases not only is a brief pen sketch of the personage included, but actual birth and death dates are added. Though we have not counted them there must be at least some one hundred and fifty reproductions of sketches, photographs and playbills, all of which add greater value to the work. Harking back to the matter of omissions, it would seem an excellent idea if, for the sake of comprehensiveness and more general representation, that a supplement be issued. We consider ourselves most fortunate to have a copy of this work and give it an unreserved recommendation.

JOHN RAMSAY'S TRIPLE RESTORATION, described in the minutest detail by Victor Farelli (published by John Ramsay, price 6/-).

This routine is in printed form and runs to some twenty-one pages. There are fourteen photographic illustrations.

When John Ramsay's " Cylinder and Coins " routine was reviewed by us some little while back we expressed the hope that this particular routine would follow. Our wish has now been granted. Let us say straight away that Mr. Farelli has performed an excellent job of work and has chosen the photographs well so that there is nothing that cannot be understood.

To those unacquainted with the effect, it consists cf a triple restoration of torn paper, every action being carried out in a most deliberate way. Unreservedly recommended.

" ALL CLEAR " ENCHANTED VASE (marketed by the originator, Billie Jones 8, Clarence Street, Pembroke Dock, price 7/6).

The effect that Mr. Jones has gone out for is that of the " Rope and Vase." This version is very much different insofar that the vase (or in the items supplied, a medicine bottle) is transparent. The idea is very c.cver and certainly practical, and although, as we mentioned before, the secret device comes with a medicine bottle, it can be adapted to almost any type of bottle or glass vase. It can be performed at very close quarters, and as test we quite safely handed the bottle out for inspection by a friend of ours. If you like the description of the effect you should not fail to purchase it.

DOUGLAS HOOD'S " CARD IN CIGARETTE " (published by the originator and retailed by Ken Brooke at Veroni House, of Magic, Bradford, price 6/-).

Mr. Hood in devising this special device for disposing of the torn pieces of card, will tend to make the " Card in Cigarette " a most popular item this coming year. Our own advice would be for the owner of this " gimmick " to forget the cigarette part, and find some other means for producing a torn card. The device is easy to handle and is an excellent buy. The originator, anxious to give the buyer everything has, in the printed instructions supplied included an excellent method (Jack le Dair's) for switching the cigarette.

Magic Qa ¿Round

First of all we start with apologies to three friends, namely, C. L. Boarde, Francis Haxton, and Stanley Collins. The first for the omission of a letter in his name on last month's cover, the second for a mistake in his excellent item " Restless Choice." If the reader will turn to Page 59, in the third paragraph in the left-hand column he will find that " The performer now shuffles the deck bringing the two of clubs to the top." This should read " the performer shuffles the cards leaving the two of clubs at the bottom." Whilst we feel sure that those readers conversant with the " Curry " change were not foxed by thist we would not like to let it pass without correction. The illustration accompanying Mr. Collins's article showed capital letters , these letters should have, of course, been in script.

The Chicago S.A.M.—I.B.M. Convention is now a thing of the past. Impartial and authori-tive correspondents on the other side of the Atlantic give the information that Willane was the outstanding act in the International Nite show,

Dr. Stanley Jaks, the cream of the close-up ses sions, whilst our own Geoffrey Buckingham stole the honours at the Educational lectures.

Our friend, Maurice Fogel, is now settling down in New York and has spent some little time assimulating the American angle on professional mentalism. The pace would seem to be faster, a fact that is not so easily apparent from the writings of American mentalists.

Elizabeth Warlock has had many requests to publish her effect " Linklater." In consequence this will appear in the July number, together with a coin and note routine that we feel sure that you will like. It would seem that Charles Wicks' " Mentalist's Dream " has been one of the most worked effects that we have published. From all over the world we have had nice things said about it.

Just too late for review Scarne's " Quartet " has arrived. An excellent basic idea capable of many variations; get a copy as soon as you can.

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