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Baker (published by Carl W. Tones, U.S.A. price $4.50)

We always feel that A1 Baker should have started writing» books at an earlier age, for there are few of his like who, having the ability to design and present magic, can so describe it that the reader can well imagine the writer explaining and teaching it.

The present book sets out to teach the reader the correct manner of presenting mental effects. It does not start by expecting a pre-possession of knowledge; rather on the contrary, he goes to great pains to even describe certain terms that are generally accepted. The book, therefore, becomes a short but complete course on this particular phase of conjuring.

In his foreword, Mr. Baker offers advice that is excellent both from a point of view of mentalism or straightforward conjuring. He writes : " Any departure from an apparently simple, direct, and straightforward handling is fatal."

Chapter one is concerned with Mr. Baker's billet (or bill) switch and an effect making use of such switch. Switches are individual things, and most mentalists generally evolve a technique based on the more accepted methods. The writer's switch is a very natural one, and what is more there is no hand or finger movement to be detected. Whilst the description does not make the series of moves quite plain, there are some excellent drawings that leave the reader in no doubt as to the various moves. The effect " Bill-epathy " which follows is excellent, but unfortunately can only be effective with U.S. bills.

Chapter two concerns the centre tear. The method is good and deceptive, but in our own view suffers from the fact that too much handling is carried out by the performer. We know that with the normal centre tear, there are sometimes some murderous exhibitions. This present method is a good variant, but is not a substitute. The subterfuge is followed by an effect in which it is used. This effect " Co-incidentally " is similar in theme and method to a prediction effect by Parrish.

Chapter three details three methods whereby an assistant at one end of the telephone successfully names a card or cards selected or thought of by a spectator. One method may not be usable in this country (this.

TECHNIQUE FOJl SALE—continued from opposite page ing of the top card, the front and back palm, and end by stroking the pocket entrance with the hand. Turn over the top card of the pack to show that the card has gone, place your right hand into the trouser pocket, and remove the card nearest the body and throw it on the table. The appearance is that you have shown how to palm a card to the pocket. The card remaining in the pocket is the Three of Hearts.

Offer to show how all these various forms of technique can be applied in one effect. Fan the pack and ask that a card may be selected. As the card is about to be removed, throw the pack on the table and mention you will use your transparent cards so that he will see through it all. Simulate the taking of a pack from the coat pocket, fanning them, ask him to take a card. He will enter into the idea, and pretend to take one. You state as the card is transparent you can see that it is the Three of Hearts, the card that is actually in your trouser pocket. He will, of course, agree with you. Ask him to replace the card and shuffle the transparent pack. Taking the because of the telephone system). They are all carefully designed and free from the very many pitfalls that are a usual accompaniment to such effects.

In Chapter four the author deals with a rather clever method of utilising mnemonics to obtain an excellent mental effect. This is followed by a Bakerised version of Scalbert's " Seventh Card," and a natural effect in which pencil reading and a nail writer are prettily linked together. Altogether in this chapter there are some twenty-one feats or subtleties. Of particular interest are the envelope switch (so natural and easy that the ham-handed will ruin it in kicking it around), Pellet reading (a finely routined three person " read "), the " Dead Man's name " (a living and dead test), " Pulse of the People (a mental effect using cards), and " Unconscious Clairvoyance." This latter has a true master touch, and should be killing in effect. Though not strictly in the " mental " section, the author includes Jack Trepel's version of the " Mulholland " bell. It is most ingenious. The book closes with an appendix in which Adrian Plate's Mnemonic system (from Hatton & Plate's " Magicians' Tricks ") is re-printed with acknowledgment.

The book is well printed, easily readable, and runs to some one hundred and twenty-six pages. There are nearly ninety illustrations. An excellent book.

" CAN YOU TELL FORTUNES," by Victor Farelli (published by Maison Franco Anglaise, obtainable from George Armstrong, Enfield, Middlesex, price 2/6).

There has not been a great deal of writing about fortune telling-cum-conjuring. Howard Allbright is one of the few that has visualised its commercial possibilities to the conjurer.

In this printed booklet of some eight pages, Mar. Farelli takes a simple card trick that appeared in " Passez Muscade " (we feel certain that it has appeared elsewhere for we used it ourselves in the fortune telling setting during the War years) and gives it a dressing. The author describes the effect in his usual manner and seems not only to cover all the weak points but also adds many observations regarding opportunities that may arise for enhancing the effect. As many are asked at various times whether they can tell fortunes tiiis presentation may prove helpful.

pack you simulate the riffling of the pack and state the card is the 18th from the top. " No doubt, you can see it is so." You remark: " The pack is transparent." Simulate the technique of bringing the card to the top, turning it over, and apparently showing it to be the Three of Hearts. Proceed with the apparent palming of the card in the right hand, with the front and back palm movements, ending with the stroking of the trouser pocket opening. Ask the spectator to name the card, he will mention the Three of Hearts. Put your hand in the trouser pocket and simulate taking out a card and showing it. " The Three of Hearts," yon remark, and replace the supposed card in the pocket. Pretend you read from the expression on his face that the card he chose is not in your pocket. Ask him to name it again, and request him to remove the card from the pocket himself. He will incredulously place his hand in the pocket, expecting to find nothing there. He will be surprised to really find a card, and the double punch comes when he finds it is actually the Three of Hearts.


All you'll ever need to know about BOOK TESTS, magazine tests, and similar feats is explained in great detail in

Mainly Mental : Volume II.

by C. L. Boarde, which has just been published. Here arp dozens of amazing methods which most magicians have never even dreamt of! All sorts of ways to force a book, a page, a line, and a word, or (if you prefer) to have a word or passage freely chosen and then discover what it is! Soft boards, spiral binding, well printed by offset on good paper, 133 pages 106 drawings, ($7.50), 53/-.

Qther Worthwhile American Books ! " The Card Magic of Le Paul," cloth, 220 pp., 313 illustrations, available in England only through us, (#8.50) ... ... 60/" Hugard's Book Edition No. 3, Vols. V and VI," cloth, 232 big pages, 485 illustrations, magic's greatest book bargain ... ... ... ... 30/" Conjuring with Christopher," boards, 71 pp. 88 illustrations 18/" A Conjuring Melange," cloth, 256 pages, 147 illustrations 12/" Magic with Small Apparatus," cloth, 320 pp. 183 illustrations 30/" Magic without Apparatus," cloth, 544 pp.

226 illustrations 45/-

Please remit to Mr. Robertson Keene, c/o Riverside, Victoria Road, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

FLEMING BOOK COMPANY 728, Madison Avenue, York, Pa., U.S.A.


By Tan Hock Chuan

A booklet dealing with the methods and application of the modern principle, by one of the leading experts on the subject. It ie recommended for advanced magicians.

Price 5/- Postage 3d.

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Have you ever been asked the above question? If you have, this entertaining and convincing card trick will provide you with the perfect answer. The routine is described complete with suggested patter and is embellished with hints on Fortune Telling.

Neatly printed in an eight page booklet, and at a price that no-one can afford to miss.


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