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REZVANIMAGIE, by Maurice Sardina (published by Maurice Sardina, Paris).

This well printed and illustrated book of some 240 pages comprises another series of effects, sleights and ideas by the Iranian magician, M. K. Rezvani. The book commences wth a foreword by Maitre Maurice Garçon, who is a distinguished member of the French Academy. This is followed by a chapter of nearly seventy pages dealing with card sleights and subterfuges. Nearly all of these show that touch of originality that not only makes them interesting but is sure proof that they have been used. There is a very nice index described for the " Any card from pockets " (readers who have "Conjurers " will have already seen a translated version of this in the July issue).

Chapter two of the book deals with a number of card effects and the Rising Card ideas and crystal reading device will make an appeal to many. This completes Part I. of the book and from then onwards it is devoted to miscellaneous effects, a large number of which fall into the pseudo psychic field. There is a whole chapter on "Slates," in which Rezvani offers some twists on existing ideas and " Radar Mental " is a fine example of how with the simplest basic methods a resultant miracle can be formulated. Those who have an enthusiasm for telephone tricks will not be disappointed, for there are some five methods given by which the performer can work a telephone miracle, the most practical (in our opinion) being " La Carte au Telephone." It is an angle which we noted and communicated to Jack Potter some eighteen months ago. "Le Grand Mystère du Téléphone" reads very well, but the idea whilst not possibly published is not new and in practice unfortunately sometimes unsatisfactory owing to the technicalities of the telephone system. We know that when we were living in the Midlands Marice Fogel and ourselves tried this over Trunk lines satisfactorily, though over a short distance it has been found impractical. Rezvani in realising the shortcoming does give a means for boosting the necessary signal. There is a nice mechanical " spirit rapping device " described.

All in all a very fine and intelligent collection of ideas and effects. It is to be hoped that an English translation will not be too long in arriving so that all those unable to read the original but who enjoyed the freshness of ideas in The Magic of Rezvani may continue their reading and education. Unreservedly recommended.

This has been a busy month, and our difficulties have been increased by the fact that we have moved to a new house. Things are fortunately straightening out and we are catching up with some of our outstanding correspondence.

The Magic Circle Festival is over and the next big Circle function will be the Edward Victor Complimentary Show at the Duke of York's Theatre on Sunday, November 27th. We have been instrumental in persuading Maurice Fogel to

Magic Qa Jteund take part, and supporting him will be Lionel King, Sirdani, Arthur Dowler, George Braund and George Robey. A first class show should result.

On page eight will be found an advertisement by Mr. Esler, who is now prepared to bind not only volumes of the " Pentagram " but also any other journals that you may wish to keep. His workmanship is of the first quality, and in the past he has been responsible for those very serviceable bindings of Magic Circle books.


in Fig. 2—between the right thumb and first finger and slide them right over the needle eye and along the cotton, reducing the size of the loop "X" in Fig. 3 until it finally passes out.

Actually the position now, if studied closely, will be found to be as Fig. 4, which provides an endless loop without a knot.

Hold the needle in the right hand and pull the cotton at point "B" (Fig. 4) in the direction shown and immediately point "A" has traversed the eye, the needle is threaded three times. (If, at this point, the triple thread does not go through the eye but slides down the cotton, it is necessary to pull through the needle from the opposite direction.)

Continue to pull the endless loop round and round through the eye, each revolution threading the needle once more, until the eye is filled completely and the cotton within the eye becomes too tight to move further without risk of breakage.

Complete the effect by severing the loop with scissors or burning with a cigarette end preferably at point "A" in Fig. 4, which removes any clue as to the method and results in a needle threaded, as shown in Fig. 5, in about half-a-minute with at least three more threads than can possibly be inserted by any other method.

After showing, the ends of the cotton should be knotted to prevent accidental unthreading by the recipient. If desired, the cotton can be passed through the performer's card before knotting and left as a publicity souvenir which is invariably retained.

BOOKS AND ROUTINES—continued from previous page MAGIC OF THE ANCIENTS, a George Johnson publication (George Johnson, 24, Buckingham Street, Strand, W.C.2., price 2/9).

This booklet of some twenty-four pages is all too short. One feels that even the most blase conjurer will find something worthwhile within its bounds, even if it is only the fact that the psychology of magic has progressed little during the last hundred and fifty years. A foretaste of the blooming bush can be found in " The Magical Nosegay " circa 1802, whilst in the " Conjurer Unmasked " (1790) we seem to have the basis of an E.S.P. effect. Most interesting of all is Pinetti's description of the " Flying Ring," a description which shows how the means of magic has become cyclic. One day a conjurer who besides- being a publisher will- also be a philanthropist may publish a bedside anthology. We hope that it will contain some of the magic described in this little book and also that it will contain some illustrations similar to that which bedecks the cover. More than all we want to see other " pleasant " tricks like the " Catching of the Woodcock." Unreservedly recommended.

" GENIAL IMPROBABILITIES," by Ken de Courcy (published by Goodliffe, price 6/-).

This booklet of some sixty-two pages is divided into three parts. The first part " Magic with Cards " contains some five effects of which " Ri-Ki-Ki-Poker is the best in plot and effect. Part two is wrongfully entitled " Magic of the Mind." There are four effects here and the only one that has a mental angle is a re-vamped version of one of the many methods of " Seven Keys to Baldpate." The other three effects are certainly pseudo pyschic and we particulars liked " The Devil's Key " wherein one padlock is in sympathy with another.

The third part " Magic with Anything " contains among its ten items a first class children's effect

" Fiddled Furniture," an unusual item " Which Witch," and an effective coin routine.

The writer could have done himself more justice had he omitted some of the patter that he apparently uses. His description of a production box in a " Silken Card Discovery " shows that he has overlooked John Mulholland's " Triangular Room " on page 73, Volume 42 of the " Sphinx."

The booklet is full of ideas, and any one of the items that we have mentioned is worth more than the price asked by the publisher.


(released by Milbourne Christopher, price One Dollar).

Milbourne Christopher is a natural magician and the effect under review is as natural a piece of magic as you will find. It is a book test free from tiresome asking of numbers, throwing of dice or writing down of digits. The straightforwardness of its plot is equalled by Mr. Christopher's streamlining of an outmoded device. It is all so easy and what is more it is one of those things that is of real use. Excellent and recommended.


(the two first are priced at 2/6 whilst the last costs 3/6. Originated and published by Jack Yates, of 8, Ripon Road, West End, Oswaldtwistle, Lanes.).

All the cffects are card effects. Napology is a very simple and effective method of turning up quite a number of winning Nap hands. . " Hypnotism " involves the vanish of a thought of card under the spectator's nose so to speak, and its ultimate recovery in a sealed envelope. " Quartet " is a sleightless method of dealing respectively winning hands of Pontoon, Brag, Poker and Whist. There are no shattering principles involved in any of the effects, but all are practicable, and in the hands of a showman could be very effective. We give them our blessing and recommendation.


1. " We share the loss ! " In general, we shall have to charge our British customers the exact British equivalents of American prices for the books they buy, on the basis that the shilling is equal to 14 cents. However, on Fleming Book Company publications, we are charging substantially less than the devaluation of the pound indicates. Our $7.50 books (Magic without Apparatus, and The Fine Art of Magic) will cost you 45/- (not 53/6) ; our $5.00 items (Our Magic, Sleight-of Hand, Magic with Small Apparatus, and Hugard Book Editions Nos. 1, 2, and 3) will cost 30/- (not 35/6) ; and aur two $2.00 books (The Expert at the Card Table and A Conjuring Melange) will be 12/-(not 14/-).

2. Hugard Book Edition No. 3 (Vols. V. and VI.) is now ready for distribution. Superbly produced (uniform with Nos. 1 and 2), 232 pages, 218 sleights and tricks, 485 illus., 30/- post paid. Please remit to Mr. Robertson Keene, c/o Riverside, Victoria Road, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Write us direct a postal request for your free copy of our 64-page book catalogue.



Whether you be professional or amateur, the outlay of only TEN SHILLINGS will provide you with a sensational reputation making act, AND THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO BUY. You can do it anywhere, any time.

ANYONE CAN HYNOTISE . The only requirements are a knowledge of the technique and confidence. This book will give you both, for its clear, nontechnical language takes you through every stage of this amazing science, teaching you step by step how to apply the technique and how to stage an entertaining act.

CONTENTS : Introduction to Hypnotism. Waking Stage Experiments (ten amazing tests that are easy to do). Induction of Hypnotic Sleep (six methods). Testing for Hypnotic Sleep (and how to deal with the Smart Alec). Awakening the Subject. Degrees of Hypnosis. Hypnotic Experiments (four amusing experiments for the platform worker). Post Hypnotic Experiments (Post Hypnotic Cures and Experiments for Stage Purposes). Giving a Public Show (Full instructions on dressing the stage, suitable music, comedy situations, opening lecture, getting volunteers, etc.). Do's and Don's (an important chapter). Questions and Answers (the type you are likely to be asked, with detailed answers). Some Dangers of Hypnosis (the type of things to avoid). A Short Bibliography (for those who wish to study the subject further).

Price 10/- Postage 3d.

THE MAGIC WAND PUBLISHING COMPANY 11, Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex


By Tan Hock Chuan

A booklet dealing with the methods and application of the modern principle, by one of the leading experts on the subject. It is recommended for advanced magicians.

Price 5/- Postage 3d.

ARCAS Publications

404/408 SYDENHAM ROAD Croydon :: Surrey



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