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EDITOR'S NOTE.—Mr. Francis White will need no introduction to the readers of this or any other magical publication. A performer with a style of presentation that takes him among the front rank of public entertainers he somehow (and we think that this is REAL magic) carries out the duties of Secretary of

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the Magic Circle in a manner that combines enthusiasm with a strong business sense and dignity.

Francis was a great friend of David Devant's and Saturday after Saturday found him visiting the Master, when the latter most needed comfort and solicitude. The effect that is described has been used by the 'writer for very many years and in it one can see a strong trace of Devant 's influence.—P. W.

The Effect.—The conjurer invites the assistance of a small boy who is shown a small velveteen bag ; this is turned inside and out to prove both its innocence and emptiness. From the inside of this bag two eggs are successively produced, each being placed in a small basket that lies on the conjurer's table. The bag is again shown to be empty, and in a folded condition placed on the assistant's hand. The boy, after certain by-play, is invited to look inside the bag and remove what he finds ; he does so, and much to his surprise removes another egg. Taking the bag back from the boy, the conjurer produces some seven or eight eggs, which he places with the others in the bread basket. At this point the conjurer takes one of the eggs and placing it in the bag causes it to vanish. After a certain amount of by-play, the egg is found on the boy's back, from whence it is removed and placed in the basket.

The Requirements.—One egg bag.

Three solid (?) eggs ; these can, of course, be made of celluloid or wood.

Seven (this number is arbitrary) rubber eggs. These articles, which during the war and immediately after were difficult to obtain, are now in good supply. Incidentally, the modern latex productions are more natural in colour.

One solid egg from which protrudes a small, sharp spike.

One small oval bread basket.

An elastic band.

The Preparation.—The egg with the protruding point is placed in the left-hand jacket pocket. Should the performer be wearing tails this can go either in the left-hand trousers pocket or be slipped into a clip that is safely out of sight. The main point is that the conjurer should be in a position to obtain possession of it with the minimum of trouble.

The three solid eggs are placed in the secret compartment of the egg bag so that they will lie near the mouth of the bag as the performer at a later stage picks it up.

The rubber eggs are tightly packed together and secured by means of the elastic band. This spiall bundle is now placed in the right hand trousers pocket. The egg bag, folded in such a manner that it can be picked up without hesitation, is placed in the bread basket, which stands to the front of the conjurer's table.

Presentation.—The conjurer asks for the services of a small male member of his audience ; the volunteer being easily forthcoming, he is introduced to the audience and placed by the con jurer so that he stands left of the former whilst the trick is in progress. The boy is asked if he has ever seen a magic kitchen, and upon receiving a negative reply, the conjurer picks up the egg bag with his left hand, taking care that no dislodgment of the three eggs takes place. " This is my magic kitchen, and I can, by wishing, get anything that one usually finds in a kitchen. For instance, to-day I would like to find an egg ! First of all, however, I must show you that the kitchen is empty." The conjurer then, in the approved manner, shows the bag inside and out. When this has been accomplished the bag is left in the left hand and the conjurer says : " Now, all you have to do is to wish." And, turning to the boy, " And you'll have to wish, too ! " At this point the conjurer can introduce the by-play that is appropriate to his presentation, the ultimate result being that after showing his right hand to be empty, he reaches into the bag ; at the same time the left hand holding the bag and eggs releases one of the eggs, which is taken by the right hand, removed from the bag, and shown to the audience. "It's all so simple," he continues. "If we want another egg, we only have to wish again." More by-play, and another egg is removed from the bag. To the boy the conjurer remarks, " Do you think that you could do this on your own ? " Whatever the answer, the conjurer carefully shows the bag by turning it inside out, and then folds it first one way and then the other so that it becomes quite a small affair. At this point the usual business of placing the bag on the palm of the hand and allowing the part of the bag which is occupied by the egg to slip between the fingers of the hand, which are opened for this purpose. The boy can now be asked to place his hand on top of the bag, and by this means assure himself and the audience that nothing solid is contained in the bag ! The boy is then asked to stand with his left hand placed chest high ; on this the conjurer places the apparently empty bag. " Now, this is where you have to wish, and wish very hard." At this point the conjurer casually places his hands in his trousers pockets Whilst he watches the boy. Here again there is excellent opportunity for by-play, especially if the helper looks at this stage as though he is taking part in a telepathy contest. " Now, we have to see if your wish has come true. Is there anything in the bag ? " The helper may touch the outside and feel the shape of the egg, and, of course, give affirmation. Whether he does so or not, the conjurer adds : " Well, open the bag, very, very carefully, and see what is inside." The boy does this, and whilst all the eyes of the audience are on the boy as he removes the egg from the bag, the conjurer removes his hand from his right-hand pocket. In his hand he has the bundle of rubber eggs still secured by the elastic band. The left hand then takes the bag by its corner from the boy, the right hand coming- across and goin^ straight into the bag.-

(See illustration.) The bag is left like this whilst the conjurer takes with his left hand the egg from the boy, at the same time saying : " Well, you

see, that is what a strong wish can do ! The left hand now places the egg besides the two others in the basket. Whilst the right hand has been inside the bag, the thumb of this hand has slipped off the rubber band from the bundle of eggs. Now the left hand comes across, and, taking the bag at the mouth, the conjurer informs his audience that they will try and get some more eggs. The production of the rubber eggs now takes place, and as the conjurer reaches the third he remarks : " This is what is known as putting all one's eggs into one basket." The rubber eggs all having made their appearance (they make a brave showing in the basket), the conjurer takes one of the solid eggs and with the aid of the bag introduces an abbreviated egg-bag routine (actually the length of such routine is a matter for individual attention). At the point where the conjurer returns to the point having an egg and a bag in his hands, he tells the audience that he will teach his assistant how to perform a similar feat of magic. The egg is placed in the bag with the right hand. It is actually placed in the secret compartment, the left hand visibly gripping the egg, the shape of which can be seen by the audience. The bag is then folded and placed on the boy's hand, which should be held chest high. The conjurer adjusts the bag with his right hand, and in doing so stands slightly behind the boy. In this position he is able with complete cover, to secretly obtain the spike egg from the left-hand pocket and attach it to the back of the boy's jacket. " Now be very careful—think that you want the egg to vanish—don't move about too much, otherwise you spoil the spell." This instruction prevents any premature dislodgment of the egg. After a few moments' by-play, the conjurer removes the bag from the assistant's hand, opens it, and shows that the egg has vanished. In looking for it the conjurer, holding the boy's arm, turns him round so that the audience can see the egg. This, of course, brings forth an oral indication of -its presence. The conjurer and the boy walk right round so that once more they both face the audience. The situation is played out, and the egg finally removed from the boy's back.

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