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EDITOR'S NOTE.—Following George Braund's letter, came one from Mr. C. E. Logan of Edinburgh in which he described a method making use of a smaller type of envelope. The beauty of this effect is that the envelope can be shown at. close quarters before the cuiti}ig takes place. We will leave Mr. Logan to describe his method in his own words.—

I am interested in this effect, because I " originated " a similar one some years ago. In my own version an ordinary sized letter envelope is used; after the flap has been closed (but not stuck down), I cut with a sharp razor blade where indicated by dotted lines in the accompanying illustration. These cuts, following the lines of the envelope, are well nigh invisible, especially when the envelope is closed. I first of all seal the flap down, show it freely on both sides and then, taking a pair of scissors, trim each end so that I have a flattened tube. Now with a very thin wand (I actually use a "Downs " coin producing wand) that has a dab of wax at the end e Sxmmwa

I lift from the table a twelve inch silk, I push it into the open end of the envelope, out through the first flap, then under the second flap and thence through the other end of the envelope. With silk showing part towards the performer, the scissors are now taken and the envelope cut as in the Dexter version. The advantage of this method lies in the fact that the razor cuts cannot be seen.

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