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TONY KOYNINI'S CARD MIRACLES (Edited and published by George Armstrong, II, Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middlesex, price 7/6).

This is a well produced little booklet of nearly thirty pages and contains a matter of thirteen effects. All of these effects need little more than a pack or packs of cards and some are extremely good. Of their practicability there is no doubt.

" Switch it," the first effect in the book, is a most effective item with an additional feature that the performer is left with a stacked pack that can be used for later effects. For close quarter work it is an excellent item. " Gambler's Delight " is one of those routines where the performer deals out successively a number of winning hands for various kinds of card games. This is followed by " A.B.C. Dealer " which makes a very nice card table item.

" Can't see! " is a complete card act in which the performer is genuinely blindfolded. (As we have noted elsewhere, we feel that in striving to make magic under harder conditions than are necessary, much effect could be obtained, were limited sight available, is lost). " Koyincidence," is a coincidence effect which has as its basis of location the " 26 " card location. We do feel that here the method of having a card selected and ultimately obtaining its value, is unnecessarily long-winded. The discovery of the card could be found with a much simpler and more direct formula. " The Last Card," is in effect a version of Farelli's " Mystic Seven," but in this version, the performer matches any card drawn by the spectator, even though he is unaware of the value of that card. The following item, " Any Number," is one of the best in the book, and though rather slow in action, it is an effect to be performed and remembered where the audience is small. " Evens," which follows is also very good, and so too is the " One Pound Revelation " which concludes the book. This last effect is out of the run of the other items for it introduces a physical side of magic.

All in all excellent value for money and a book which no follower of card work should pass by.

'METHODS FOR MIRACLES" Nos. 1/4 (Published by Willane, 408, Sydenham Road, Croydon, Surrey, price 3/6 each).

No. 1 " The N'gai Dog Race." This is an excellent parlour routine in which the performer shows his ability to control the minds of members of his audience. The basic theme is that of racing and in the eight pages devoted to the effect, every point is punched home. No skill is needed for its performance, but good showmanship is essential.

No. 2 Edward Victor's " Ring Release from Cord " and " A Super Card Transposition."

When we first heard about this ring release we thought that it followed the pattern of that described in Miller's " Five Ring Routine." It differs very much in method and is a very fine piece of natural magic. We have proved its effectiveness on quite a number of occasions and it is an effect that no magician should pass up.

The super card transposition is very nice, though it follows conventional lines, and if we remember righly is similar to a Cardini effect.

No. 3 . The late E. G. Brown's " Wandering Card." This is an effect that should be sold at a far higher price for it is one of the finest methods devised for the " Cards Across." The effect is that a card thought of in a bunch of six travels across to another bunch of six. Trevor Hall gave a very fine performance of this effect during his recent lecture. It will become Line of the classics of magic.

Cards." This, in the right hands, and we repeat in the right hands, is a most beautiful method of accomplishing this classic effect. With indifferent handling and subsequent mutilation, it could fail very badly. For ingenuity and freedom from unnecessary steals it approaches perfection, and we still remember Edward shoeing this effect to us when he first conceived it. If you cannot handle cards "iiio'thh/, please leave this alone.


truding rope nearest to the sleeve opening, and then runs the excess length down the sleeve. The fourth elastic band is now placed over the right hand and slid iust above the wrist. The coat is then put on and the end of the rope is tucked under the elastic band.

The conjurer is now set for a performance of the trick with no misgivings.

One final point. The elastic band round the arm serves two purposes. It keeps the end of the rope in position until it is required and secondly, after the rope has been pulled and the end comes through the elastic band the performer is given tactual warning that he has reached that point where he must use care.

If you have used the " Rope Stretching " effect and you have struck snags in the past, please make up this little gimmick and note how smooth I v the rope comes away.



TONI KOYNINI, a new auther in the magical field, brings to you some fine card magic with a new approach.

CAN'T SEE is a complete card act of six star effects that is performed genuinely blindfolded. A spectator shuffles the pack, and the performer (i) deals out all the court cards, (2) separates these court cards into suits, (3) runs through pack and places the correct ace on each pile, (4) deals the pack haphazardly into two piles, and turns them over to show one pile all red and the other all black, (5) instantly cuts to anv card called for, and repeats as required, (6) concludes with Paul Curry's famous " Out of This World " routine.

In addition to this sensational blindfold card act, there are seven more fine effects, Gambler's Delight, A.B.C. Dealer, Koyincidence, The Last Card, Any Number, Evens, and One Pound Revelation. And finally, there is " Switch It ", two very fine effects that" start off with an ordinary pack, baffle the audience, and leave the performer with a stacked pack, for whatever is to follow.

HERE IS A BOOK YOU MUST HAVE Price 7/6 ; postage 3d.

From the Publishers.

THE MAGIC WAND PUBLISHING CO. 11, Monastery Gardens, Enfield, Middx.


A spectator shuffles a pack of cards and cuts the pack anywhere he likes.

The cards either side of the card he freelv cut to are subsequently removed" and found to be the cards that the performer had previously predicted.

This is one of a series of card effects based on a single move not previously published, and in



FRANCIS HAXTON "St. Anthonys'," Nonsuch Walk, Cheam Road, Cheam, Surrey


GEORGE BLAKE : " The Principle is certainly good ".

ABRACADABRA : . . . a series of effects all good and some extremelv so ".

GEORGE ARMSTRONG : "I have just been trying this out, and | it is a winner ".



is published on the 24th of each month and can be obtained direct from the publishers for 1/1 per ¡.ingle copy. Annual Subscription 12/-

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Peter Warlock, 24, Wordsworth Rd., Wallington, Surrey.

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Every Advertiser's goods are fully endorsed by this Bulletin Jc





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Until 1953

What They Say


—A1 Koran. " A REAL MIRACLE "—Billy McComb. Price 50/- from

PETER WARLOCK 24, Wordsworth Road, Wallington, Surrey

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