Ci SJbumye Coincidence

This is by way of being an addendum to Arthur Carter's " One Red Card ". It is an effect that Mr. Clarke has been working for some time.' It is certainly a most effective problem of coincidence. P.W.

The Effect.

A blue-backed pack of cards is shown to the audiences A red-backed card without its face being shown is openly inserted into the blue pack which is then shuffled. The top ten cards at the face of the pack are then dealt face outwards on to a stand. Alternatively, the audience indicate which cards can be placed on the stand as the performer deals the cards face upwards on to the table. The pack is slowly fanned and no red-backed card is seen. Asking for any number from 1 to 10, and this being given the conjurer, a clip is placed on the card. The remaining nine cards are turned round and it is seen that they are all blue backed. The chosen card carrying the clip is turned round and it is seen to be the red card!

The Requirements.

1. A card stand as shown in illustration.

2. Ten red-backed cards which have been split and faced with card of the same material as that covering the stand. (Actually, the most effective covering is to obtain some imitation wood-grained paper and use this. It is light, easy to apply, and the stand when finished does not look like a stage prop.) The backs of the cards roughened, the faces polished. These cards are placed face side out on the stand.

3. One red-backed card polished on the face, roughened on the back.

4. One blue-backed card roughened on the face and polished on the back.

5. The remaining cards in the blue-backed pack are polished.

The Procedure (in brief).

The red-backed card is taken and inserted in the pack next to the face of the roughened blue-backed card. The pack is then shuffled, care being taken that the processed pair is left outside the ten top cards. These latter are then dealt out into the divisions on the stand. When the audience have indicated the card they wish, a small bulldog clip is placed over the card (actually over the red-backed card on the stand and the blue-backed card in front. Because of the side pieces of wood, the two cards will be perfectly aligned). The blue-backed pack of cards is now taken, and with the backs facing the audience the cards are leafed through showing that there is no red-backed card in the pack. All the cards excepting that marked with the clip are removed from the stand and shown to have blue backs. Finally the clip is lifted, turned round, and it is seen that the chosen card is the red-backed one.

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