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A spectator draws a diagram or writes a name etc., on a slip of paper. He passes to several other spectators, letting them see what he's written, then he folds it and seals it in an envelope. Taking the envelope and asking the spectators to concentrate on the contents, you slowly reveal what has been written. The envelope is handed back for opening and confirmation. You don't need to touch the envelope; the spectator can hold it himself or put it in his pocket; you can still reveal the contents.

Basic Method :

A carbon impression is used, but the beauty of this method lies in the fact that, even if a member of the audience knows about carbon impressions, etc., you never, apparently, have an opportunity to refer to any "impressions."

A small pad is used, on which a carbon im-ression of the spectators writing is obtained. The pad is dropped into your pocket but it is dropped inside a hollow stack of envelopes. The envelopes are brought out of your pocket and one is given to the spectator to seal his slip in. While this is done the carbon impression is read through a small " window " in the hollow stack of envelopes.

Preparation : THE PAD.

A pad of about 30 sheets of thinnish paper is used, I make these myself. The sheets are 3in. x 2in. pounced, with a pouncing wheel or sewing- machine, about ¿in. from one end. 30 sheets, thus prepared, are glued together along the top narrow strip above the perforations. The block of papers is then glued to a cardboard back. A sheet of carbon is firmly fixed to underside of third sheet from the top and a couple of dabs of wax fix the third sheet to the fourth.

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Pay envelopes, end opening, about 2|in. x 4in. Cut a "window" RIGHT THROUGH three of these, the " window " being same size as pad .

Put one of these, address side down, on table, smear glue all over it then put another on top and press them together. Glue a thin sheet of acetate, slightly smaller than 2fin. x 4in., on top of these. Glue a third "window" envelope on top of this :—

Finally insert a piece of cardboard into an ordinary envelope and glue this on top of the " U " shell thus completing the " shell," into which the pad can be dropped.

Put two or three unfaked envelopes on top. also flap sides up, and put a band of paper round the stack. This "band apparently encircles the envelopes, but it really doesn't go right round the stack; the ends being glued on either side of the " window:"


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Cut "windows" through some more envelopes, but cut them slightly wider than 2in. across and start cutting from the bottom of the envelopes :—

Glue these, on£ at a time, address side down, on to the "acetate window" ones, until the depth is slightly deeper than the depth of pad :—

This faked stack is in your right jacket pocket, " window" next to body, " mouth " .upwards. Pad is in right trouser pocket; short, hardish pencil in breast pocket.


Pad and pencil handed to spectator and he's asked to write or draw something on it, to tear off his written-on sheet (the top one of course) and to fold it. Take the pad from him when this is done and drop it into your right trouser pocket. Take your hand out of your pocket. Ask spectator to pass his paper to several other spectators in turn, asking them to note the contents. While this is done, stand with your hands in trouser pockets and, with the right hand tear off the top two sheets of the pad; this includes, of course, the one with the carbon fixed to it. (the perforations make the tearing-off an easy matter). This leaves the carbon impression on top sheet of pad. Palm the pad, cardboard-back next to palm, glued ends towards finger-tips.

When several people have noted the contents of the paper ask the spectator who wrote it to take it again and to refold it. " I want you to seal it in one of these envelopes." you tell him. and. saying this, the right hand and the palmed pad comes out of trouser pocket and goes to jacket pocket. Drop the pad into the faked stack and bring the "envelopes" out. holding them up. flap sides to spectators. The carbon impression is plainly visible through the "acetate window" and a glance gives you all the " dope." (The pad is held inside the " shell" by squeezing the envelopes slightly). Pull one of the unfaked envelopes from underneath the paper band, pocket the stack, or toss it on the teble, and hand the envelope to the spectator.

Reveal the contents of the sealed slip in your favourite manner. Alternative Method:

Make a " shell" notepad instead of a stack of " shell" envelopes. Size about 3£in. x 4|in. This has a cardboard back but no front. The "acetate window" is in the cardboard back. There are five or six sheets of ordinary notepaper on the top of the pad and a sheet of white cardboard is incorporated under these so that you have a solid surface to write on Working:

" Shell " pad in jacket pocket. Spectator seals his slip in an envelope that you give him. Proceed as in previous method but palmed pad is dropped into " shell" pad as you bring it out to record your " impression " on it. Scribble anything on top sheet of pad, hold it up, letting spectator see what you've drawn or written and asking him if this conveys anything to him. You " read " the carbon impression through the "acetate window" as you're holding the pad up.

Tear off wrong "impression" and do a correct one on next sheet.

A piece of razor-blade can be inserted into the cardboard backing of the small pad. A small flat magnet is fixed inside the top end of the recess in the " shell " envelope stack or in the " shell " notepad. Thus, when the small pad is dropped into the " shell," it is held firmly in place by the magnet.

Lastly, here's one for the " wise-ones;" no carbon paper, an UNPREPARED pad is used for getting an impression!

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