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In earlier numbers of the Pentagram, under the respective titles of " The Thread in the Maze " and " Western 1248," its worthy Editor and Mr. Victor Peacock described methods as to giving information as to the name of a selected card over the telephone by calling out the names of a number of other cards. In presenting the following, however, it should be distinctly understood that it is not presented as an improvement on either of the foregoing, but simply as an alternative method which may be preferred by some, as it works automatically, and there is no chance of a mistake occurring.

Commence as in both of the methods with a pre-arranged pack, but in addition the medium must be provided with a scribbling pad upon which the names of the cards are already written down in their correct order.

The pack is fanned for a spectator to make a free choice of cardf and as soon as he has done so the cards are cut at a position two cards above the place from which the selected card was removed. Prior to being placed in the spectator's pocket the chosen card is shown to the remainder of the company, and while this is done the performer turns his back. This gives him ample cover and opportunity to palm off the top four cards of the pack.

The remainder of the pack is then shuffled by another member of the audience and cut by a third. The magician then picks up the bottom half, and remarking, " You may not believe it, but your card has impressed itself on these others," deals the top four cards—which he has just palmed on, face down upon the table. " Yes," he continues, " name them to my wife in any order you like, and she will be able to psychically discover the name of the card in your pocket."

As the cards are named to her the medium takes a pencil and crosses them off the list before her. As an experiment will show, as soon as the fourth erasure has been made, four successive names will be foxind to have been scored out with a gap between the second and third crossings t and the name of the card which occupies this position will correspond with the card which the spectator placed in his pocket.


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