to do likewise with the performer's spread. Both lots of cards are now squared up. Spectator turns over the top card, that is the one you removed and placed there, and it is, say, the Six of Hearts. The operator turns over the top card of his pile and it is the Six of Diamonds ! Truly a strange coincidence, but more is to follow. Operator picks up spectator's pile and fans it face up for a moment brief to show that the cards really are all different. He then closes it and has spectator spread it again upon the table face down. Now he shuffles his own pile and places it face down on the table, after which he picks two cards at random from the face down spread. They are, say, the Eight of Hearts and the Jack of Clubs. Operator remarks " You notice that one of the cards is an Eight value and the other is of the Club suit. Would it not be a remarkable coincidence if the top card of my pile was the Eight of Clubs ? " The top card is turned . . . and it is !

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Navigate The Astral Plane

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