" 4-CM (Foresee) by George Blake and Raymond Maynard. Complete and ready to work. 20/- from George Blake of 9, St. Alban Road, Leeds, 9.

This is a form of prediction most direct both1 in approach and method. It is something that would have delighted the heart of the late Theo Annemann and he would have revelled in thein-genuity of the method employed.

Briefly the mentalist asks a spectator to sign his name on a card and on this card a prediction is made and placed aside. Three members of the audience (it doesn't have to be three) but in magic that's the way it always goes), are requested to name three different types of articles, place or thing and these are jotted down. When the signed card is turned over it is found that the magician has been successful in predicting all three choices.

The outfit is complete with the necessary gimmick and most explicit instructions. The value is excellent and the method natural.

" The man who cannot wonder, who does not habitually wonder, were he President of the Mécanique Céleste and Hegel Philosophy, and the epitome of all laboratories and observatories, with their results, in his single head —is but i pa5*- of spectacles, behind which there is no eye. Let those who have eyes look through him, then he mav be m efuV Carlyle—"Sartor Resartus."

The lecture demonstrattion given by Dr. Jaks ■was quite an occasion, and those who missed this <literally) " unique " event missed some very fine lessons in the presentation of magical entertainment.

Once again it was proved that personality and charm are worth more than skill alone. All that we had read about this polished table worker and mentalist was con-' firmed. Once again Harry Stanley has shown' himself a magical benefactor.

Although as these notes are written, the British Ring Convention is just over a month away, we still haven't the complete bill for the Gala show which this year will take place in Edinburgh's largest concert hall. One hopes that a professional illusion act may be forthcoming for it is certainly necessary. We are not greatly enthralled by the thoughts that in this big public presentation there will be two illusion acts presented by non-professionals. The illusion type of act is the hardest of all acts to present, for seemingly dead pieces of apparatus have to be brought to life. Those who are hasty of criticism of illusionists should try and attempt this kind of work.

Johnny Ramsey tells us that a note about him in our " Stage " column brought the pundits of the B.B.C. down on him for a TV show. And talk ing of TV though, by the time you read this it will already have appeared in A bra, is the information that the Popular Television Association of 78, Buckingham Gate, S.W.I., are preparing a list of conjurers and magicians (they evidently know the difference!), who are willing to appear on TV. If you haven't seen the notice before, and you are interested, just drop them a line.

From Hans Trixer, via Stan Chatfield we have received the Mss. of a booklet dealing with ring tricks. The material is typically " Trixer," which means that it is very good indeed. Our hope is that its publication will not be delayed too long.

When Fred Kaps was visiting us some little while ago he mentioned that he was using a new card stabbing effect, the brain child of Bob Driebeek of the Hague. A card is selected and marked after which it is shuffled back into the pack. A sheet of newspaper is torn into two pieces, the pack being spread face down on one sheet, whilst the other is placed above the cards. A knife is now taken, the paper stabbed and when torn away shows that the selected card is impaled on its points. We shall be publishing this in our next issue. We also, and this will shock so many, will be publishing the index of volume seven at the same time.

" What I do isn't art I " he insisted when 1 wanted to convince him it was. " You know damn well it isn't— I just did it as a stunt." " It's not a fake—it's a trick " I aaid, " and just as good as a trick as a sonata by Mozart is as good as a sonata. " Don't kid me, damn it" he answered. " There's always that silly little shell that you slip the balls in and out of, and that the audience thinks is a real bait, and there isn't any way to get rid of it. The whole thing is just a bloody fake 1" " What do you want to do," I asked " perform miracles ? All art in that sense is a fake. Every work of art is a trick by which the artist manipulates appearances so as to put over the allusion that experience has some sort of harmony and order and make us forget that it's impossible to pluck billiard balls out of the air." Edmund Wilson—" Memoirs of Hecate County.


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