ConjuRING TRIX, by Hans Trixer (Published by George Armstrong, price 10/- net)

In this booklet of some forty pages, Hans Trixer has added quite a deal to the existing material dealing with Ring magic. In all he describes some eight effects, three of which make use of the Ellis Ring gimmick whilst the remaining five are concerned with borrowed rings.

The first effect is a version of the ring on stick we had the pleasure of seeing performed by that great artist Freds Kaps. It is delightful magic. The ring on string next to be described is a follow up which serves to heighten the general effect.

Using borrowed rings, there are versions of the ring on and off stick, a follow up to Hahne's " Ring of Thoth" a nice version of Stewart James' ring on ribbon effect and a poor man's " Flying Ring." All are fully practicable, all require little more than average skill to produce the maximum effect and they are really magical in effect.

The author concludes his all too short treatise with a description of a visible ring on wand using an Ellis ring.

Nicely printed, special commendation must go to Jack Lamonte, who has designed one of the best covers we have seen on a magical booklet.

No reader of the Pentagram should miss this publication. With it the recent series of ring effects in this magazine by John Howie make up a most informative and worthwhile contribution to that particular form of magic.

Douglas Hood's " SUPERCHANCE. " Marketed by Douglas Hood, price 12/6.

In this effect, Douglas Hood has produced a very worthwhile version of "Just Chance," and whilst, to the best of our knowledge, the means used have been previously described, the purchaser receives some very nicely-printed " Sorry " Cards all ready for performance. For these alone the outfit is well worth the price asked. Mr. Hood, with the usual care that he takes when describing an effect, leaves no point uncovered in his instructions. An excellent buy.




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