' Famous Magicians of the World,' by Arnold Fürst, published by the Genii Publishing Co. as a memorial to Bill Larsen, price two dollars.

This excellent book of some fifty-two (unnumbered) pages is a most welcome item to the magician who is interested in the overall magical picture. Too little time in the past has been devoted to the programmes of the great magical entertainers. J. F. Burrows produced one booklet dealing in all too brief a manner with the programme matter of many greats and not so greats whilst Max Holden went a little better. We must be more than thankful to our good friend, Arnold Fürst, for detailing, and we mean detailing, the programme material of the following large scale acts : Kalanag, Dante, Fu Manchu, Virgil, Chang, Blackstone, Lee Gräbel, Ormond McGill, Sorcar and Richiardi, junior.

His descriptions of the items making up the respective entertainments are clear and free from partiality. Our appetite is whetted at the thought of the acts which we have not had the opportunity of seeing. The book is lavishly illustrated including some beautiful coloured photographs of the Kalanag show. It is certainly a must for all collec tors and for every magician whose interest does not lie wholly in his own performance. In reading and taking in the overall picture of any one of these big shows, the realisation of the vast amount of work entailed is a chastening thought to the smaller time magician who sometimes rebels at the small chore of preparation entailed in his modest offering.

Unreservedly recommended.

'IT'S STRICTLY COMEDY,' by Johnny Geddes (published by Millars Exchange Mart, Dundee, price 6/-).

Though mimeographed this booklet is well produced. Aiming at situation comedy for which he is well known, johnny Geddes has, within the confines of some dozen pages, detailed some fifty pieces of comedy business opposite to the magical entertainer. To read a comedy item in cold print is not the same as seeing the idea in action, but there is no doubt that many of these items are good for belly laughs when handled by the right performer. If you have a yen for ' funny business * as against' funny patter' you will be well advised to invest the small amount required.


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